Bizar (Beer) Quirks

donno how to really say it , bbb ut sometimes the effect command’s get reallyscrewedup
…now that we have 8 eff.Cmnd lines things get really messy …I’m too fuckin drunk to upload ( sober enough to post my critisim )

maybe your so drunk,that you input the wrong one :unsure:

no really it was like o17o couple of times
o27o same amount

tell ye outcome was not the same DAMn’t gonna swithch over to ‘BUZZ’ (fancymodularwithallthosetalenteddevelopersjustkiddinfuckbuzzandIamfckndrunkdamnhadnosexfor7monthsbelgiumbeeristhebestgonnafuckmysisternowifyoudontmind

so true

Czech beer is the best
(aka. east-side is the best)

Isn’t that a beer brewed in L.A.?

And how on earth does this compares to this

Take a look here and become absorbed in wonder :lol:


I myself prefer

here is sth. missing.
german purity law.

Ohh yeah sure Duvel is nice I prefer westmalle tripple and la chouffe
I posted the cara image cause I was drunk of cara = which is never good