Bizzare Request For Sleepwalking/talking

Hi there,

The request is actually very simple. But read closely ;)
Lately weird things are happening in my house.
Stuff is moving overnite.
Books, papers, glasses, anything…
First I thought that somebody took it, but then I found it later on a totally different spot from where I left it.

Here’s the thing.
I have a webcam and a microphone.
And I am searching for a tool (or tools) that can capture video AND audio.
But not any tool. A tool where there is a possibilty of motion detection and audio detection (threshold) so my computer isn’t fulltime busy filling my harddisk all night.

I want to see and hear myself walking around in my house to know if I am right. (maybe i’ll post it aswell if it’s interesting enough)

Does anyone know (preferably a freeware) tool where this is possible.
If you know a tool for audio only, it’s fine aswell, because I do talk a lot in my sleep and I want to know if I talk secrets. :P

Please let me know…


And you are sure you are remembering correct?

So you have lots of secrets :)
You should´nt worry about talking in your sleep, there is almost never that anyone
says anything understandably while sleeptalking.

Sure there are webcam surveilance software.…+software&meta=

Well. I think this program might make sense to you

The program features a motion sensor and it’s shareware.

Well, according to my friends it is sometimes very cleary and I even talk back !! (scary stuff)
And ofcourse I searched google, but couldn’t find anything suitable.

Hmm it’s worth a try… tnx…

When you’ve captured something, please post it here!

You’re sadistic or something ;) ?

Would you take my word for it if I told you that I’m the foremost expert on sleepwalking on the northern continent, and I see a good chance of being able to help SpeedWell with my groundbreaking new 2-step treatment? :lol:

Have you considered that it might be ghosts? :P U might end up recording something creepy and never be the same again. :eek:

i wouldn’t say so. my girlfriend says that sometimes i do CRAZY shit at night… like i’ll “wake up”, stand straight at the bed, point at the ceiling and yell “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???”, and then drop back onto the bed and fall asleep like nothing happened. and i usually don’t remember it AT ALL, and when she tells me i laugh so hard! i remember it sometimes, just vaguely, but most of them she tells me i don’t remember! but i know she’s not making it up :lol:

do you mean like UK garage 2 step? that would be cool. make an entire self-help album with 2-step music playing in the background :P

Yeah but wait, where did you hear about it? I haven’t written to any medical journals or anything? What the hell?! :ph34r:

Filming yourself might be A.

  1. A very good self treatment.

  2. A very bad selftreatment, you might become scared of falling asleep :)

Anyway I think you should consider getting prohelp because there have been incidents when people does stuff while sleepwalking.

Maybe you should get yourself some kind of alarm that goes of if you are sleepwalking.
I have heard that one should not wake up people who walk in the sleep but I think its probably just nonsence, could be worth checking up though.

yeah cuz he might fall down the stairs or something :o

What would the consequences be if you killed someone in your sleep? I mean, if you kill someone while under the influence of drugs you will most definately get prison because the judge will say you put yourself in that situation by doing drugs… but you have to sleep :ph34r: I wonder if this has ever happened. :)

I for one can’t sleep in a room with sharp objects like knifes and scissors. I have had too many dreams where I cut of fingers and ears, convinced that they grow out again… :) Yep… Im a psycho. :w00t:

ps. I’m sorry I took the discusion in this direction SpeedWell… I hope you can still go to sleep :)

A friend said another guys name while sleeping with her new boyfriend… well, that relation didn’t quite work out after that :)

about two weeks ago, in London, a 15 years old girl has been rescued from a 40 meters high crane, where she arrived sleepwalking.

Imagine how she felt when she woke up… :panic:

wow, what a replies… B)

But guys, I don’t think it’s that excited than most of you think.
I will not fall of stairs (because there are no stairs in/around my house)
Not gonna kill people (why should I?)
Not going to do treatment, because I think it occurs rarely in my case.
It’s not like I mis stuff every day or every week. I just noticed it and analysed the last couple of months. And I’m just guessing that i’m sleepwalking. So I want to see if it’s true by filming/record myself.

And please do not push me for putting it on the internet. It’s private. Only if it’s funny or interesting for science I just MAYBY will post/mail it. Expect nothing.

Actually I’m (only) very interesting in the audio I produce :P while sleeping.
Maybe cool for a sleepy soundtrack. :)


I’ve seen a movie that treated such a case…

A guy that sleepwalked to his car, drove 40 miles to his parents house and enters it, still sleeping.
His parents hear the noise and his father decides to go downstairs to check, he picks up his shotgun from the fireplace and walks into his son.
The son takes away the shotgun and shoots his father with it.
While that all was happening his mother ran to the kitchen to grab a knife and check out what happened in the room and finds her husband dead and her son with the gun in his hand (still sleeping). Though she doesn’t recognise her son so she wants to stab him with the knife and the guy drops the gun and grabs the knife at the cutting side with his bare hands and stabs his mother to death, still holding the knife in this very unusual position.

The guy was plead not guilty in court.

Those are just the rough details i still remember from it.

ok, last night I wanted to try some of the programs but most of them are not able to function properly.
This is because the programs use light sensitivity for motion detection.
At night it’s dark (duh) and so no possibility of lightchange (except the sun shining through the curtains). So I guess this project faills right here unless I can find a night/heatvision webcam. (that would be so cool :dribble: )

So now “step 2”. A program which is able to do just audio. That shouldn’t be a problem. Anyone know such a program? To record only when a specific dB is reached.