Its been a while since i checked out the forum at
The main reason is because ive started to use Cubase (yeah im cursing in gods house, but unfortunatly its a much better software for my type of genre) Anyways… Ive had some good times with renoise, and i just wanted to share a song that i made in renoise a while ago. Normaly i dont advertise my songs, but i though that i might share this type of work, because its not a tekno type of music. Its plain and simpel Drum, bass, guitar and vocals and wanted to show you that its possible to make ordinary music with renoise aswell as electronica.
I lost the original rns file a while ago, so i havent finished it…
Even tho i use cubase Im not 100% comfortable with it… Both softwares are bascilly the same, but every trackermusicbased song has a special sound. And i miss it alot.

the song is called ‘Lost Souls’ and is 100% reniose. Guitar is realtime recorded and only the trumpets is vst. Rest is trackerbased.
Pease out:)

Man my english sucks these days :P

Big loss at the Renoise side in my opinion. Was nice when you came along with Diggin’ for Gold and then made the coop with Sagosen. Hope to see you coming back somewhen…maybe. Wish you the best for your future. Enjoyed your songs on myspace, btw.

hey sewen, always been a big fan ever since that song on BB… not digging for gold it was some other tune… anyway, you’ve got a special style, a unique sound.

Listening to your tune now, and it sounds very professional and well-mixed.

Gilli is right, Big loss from Renoise’s point of view.

But, it doesn’t matter what software you use, it’s the outcome that matters.

Good luck min norske venn!