Blasts From The Past...

It’s a boring sunday. Sun is shining outside and my curtains are closed. And so I ran into two clips which I made some time ago. They never got very far, but I know you guys like to laugh to crappy songs so here they are :P

nudge.mp3 - Some minimal downtempo thingy. This one is actually pretty good start I think. Too bad it only lasts about 2mins. I still got the .rns so maybe I’ll try to continue with it.

run.mp3 - Simple and epic breakbeat. Actually so simple that it’s really really boring. One sound runs almost for four straight minutes, what the hell was I thinking? :lol:

I like these two tunes, with some more work the second one could kick ass for me. I don’t like that gated sound, also some parts of the melody sound like detuned, maybe this was intentional. The beat could be a bit more aggressive for me also. That bubble thing in the first one is a bit overused i think, you could spice some parts with a bit of dub delays, maybe add another layer of melody and introduce some more beats to continue.