Blind Musicians

Off the top of your head has there ever been any blind trackers that came out with amazing music? I mean it would be amazing because it’s damn near impossible…I think.

I reckon it would be more likely than deaf trackers…

I think a deaf guy making music based upon an abstract and subtly nuanced visual display would be more interesting.

Of course you could set up something for the pattern making process where each time the person changes columns or rows a tone (or a soft voice announcing the location like a coordinate system), with a different one for lines 1, 4, 8 etc. That way they could at least navigate that screen.
Cumbersome but NOT impossible.

Sounds like a neat idea…:
Deaf compo…

Create songs based upon the output of the spectrum analyser and scopes rather than audio and then listen to the results when the tunes are released.

It would actually be more fun if it would be done by ppl who are really deaf from birthdate i mean:if you’re not deaf, you know a little what audio you get from a snare-drum if your sample is named so.

But to be serious, it will probably sound dull and boring as it’s very hard to apply effects to your sounds if you can’t read their output.

I’m saying something a little more complex than scopes, but even then the possibilities could be interesting for someone deaf since birth.
It is well known that the brain often adapts, with other senses heightening in acuity and I believe comandeering the neglected brain tissue for this.

Given some of the incredible abilities of autistic savants, I don’t think it is totally implausible that someone, especially missing ones hearing, could develop superhuman levels of visual memory and perception, even specialized in the case of something like a scope display or some other type of visual translation of audio data.

I have a friend who’s going blind, he uses/used FT2, as it was readable for him. He was planning about becoming some kind of hardcore techno Stevie Wonder, hehe…

He’s not been into tracking for quite some time now, tho. Loss of eyesight is unfortunatly making tracking damn hard. But computing is still quite possible! I know one blind guy who do mastering for instance. Mastered a tune for me, even. :)


partly joking, your friend should try the “spacepig” theme!