Blissphemy - Cernunnos (Vojeet Remix) [Harsh Drum & Bass]

アーティスト | Artist: Blissphemy
タイトル | Title: Cernunnos (Vojeet Remix)
向き | Style: harsh Drum & Bass
タグ | Tag: harsh “Drum & Bass” MockRadar Blissphemy Cernunnos Vojeet Renoise Remix “something for your health” harmony
体長 | Length: 04min,28s
ダウンロード | Download:

“Blissphemy - Cernunnos (Vojeet Remix)” on MR011: The Remixes vol.2 “Blissphemy – Cernunnos”. Take a trip into the Pagan world of Cernunnos, listen to nature whispering its secret thoughts… MR011 is an excursion into the mystic side of the experimentalyst spirit. An experience shared by 13 producers involved in the retelling of Blissphemy’s “Cernunnos”. Each one has taken this dark ethereal tale and made it personal, through a full spectrum of various electronic styles, making this a unique multi-genre MockRadar release.
Along your travels, you will hear the forest groaning, falling apart after the rain, changing faces into the apocalypse, then growing back again from purified soil. You will be enchanted, you will dance and then rest quietly listening to the sounds of the rising sun. You will find it hard to listen to this album in its entirety and not be touched, prepare to be mesmerized by an amazing piece of musical art!"

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This work is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.
Released by: MockRadar
Release date: Mär 20, 2012

Damn nice breakcore ;) Heavy bass tasty :)

Heavy bass with some fiddly sounds. Nothing else to live happy. :D

Sticked many haggy aunts to the ceiling on a nice quite sunday morning