Block Select Just Note (Not Effects) With Only Kb

Is there any conceivable way to make a “block selection” of just one note/tick in the pattern editor,using only the computer keyboard but without selecting the effects column??

shift+arrowing is how I typically make block selections* but many times i just want to select only one note/tick… there doesnt’ seem to be a way to do this w/o shift selecting then clicking with the mouse. Color me crazy but the reason I have historically always gravitated towards using a tracker for composing, especially for rhythms is that I can do everything with a computer keyboard and not need a &#@^ing “touch” device like a mouse, trackball, touchpad, etc. That’s always been the cool thing renoise has been doing by extending that legacy.

So, I can shift select arrow down then back up, This “block selects” the current note on/off and anything set in the effects column at that tick – I’ve never been able to figure out a way in renoise with the keyboard alone to select just a single note without the effect. One click on that tick with a mouse and it selects just the note w/o the effect. but Argh. I just want to do this with the keyboard.

Where does this fit into a workflow?

Copying a note w/o it’s effect with the intention of pasting it somewhere else, for instance… And say you don’t want to paste over the effect in the destination’s tick.

(Edited for further clarification and becausetyping on an iPad still SUCKS… Clearly I suck with anything that is not a keyboard:)

*footnote: further context into why my request for a “do not loop” option when editing a pattern be implemented–Instead of confusing I’ll post my follow ups there on that thread…

Ctrl+B - Ctrl+E

Another way:
Advanced edit -> Cut/copy/paste -> Check mix-paste, then existing effects and notes won’t be overwritten. Else (if you do want to overwrite notes) simply uncheck effect-number and value in the content mask list.
The latter is a bit more cumbersome than the shortcuts Kazakore mentioned.
Both mix paste and selective area copy/paste have their own advances.

Problem with Advanced Edit is you have to reach for the Mouse. Everything mSepsis has been posting has been to aid purely keyboard operation.

Hi mSepsis. We’ll have to create a script to do this, and then it’ll be real nice.
There are already some scripts that do similar things, such as the ImpulseTracker ALT-D emulation (it selects 4 rows, then you press alt-d, 8… alt-d 16… alt-d 32… alt-d 64, alt-d 128 and so on). This can be easily modified to only select the column (and only the current note column) and to leave the effect columns alone. Do you want this selection-multiplication process, or do you only want to have one function that selects the current note column - and does it select the other visible note columns or just the selected note column?

ah. begin/end selection. cool.

in os x it’s actually
begin selection: Option + arrow up
end selection: Option + arrow down


why is it that you have to arrow up / down with the arrow key alone, THEN hit option+arrow to mark the selection??

Awkward and inconsistent implementation imho. And guys I mean no offense. I’m just a dude with an internet connection and strong subjective opinions about usability :)

But when i alt+arrow up I honestly was expecting this to grow the selection, just like shift+arrow up does. I was about to say this was broken but then tried it linux and since in linux (and I’m assuming windows) the shortcut does not involve an arrow key it made sense why it wasn’t working the way I was expecting in os x.

I can work with this, but I suppose the way I’ve always expected renoise block selection to work is how I seem to remember other trackers of days past to work:
Tab to the desired channel. don’t arrow over if you don’t want to select effects, just leave the curser on the note.
arrow/page up or down to the desired tick to where you want to start your selection.
shift+arrow up or down to make your selection - this should select NOTES ONLY. (in renoise this selects the note, vol, pan and effect
if you want to also grab pan, vol or effects, shift+arrow right to expand the selection.

no need to use multiple multiplier keys shift/ctrl/option/alt etc etc… just seems more logical to me.

oh and additionally if before you start your selection you arrow over to just the vol column, or just the pan column, or just the effects column, when you then shift+arrow up or down it selects only the entries in the column you’re in - vol/pan/fx. … I’ve always expected/hoped for this sort of usability w/o having to go into the “advanced edit” screen. doesn’t seem that advanced to me.

Selection Begin will extend the existing selection from the End point if it is above or to the left of it, otherwise it will select just the one block.

Selection End works similarly but want to be after the Begin point other wise it will cancel it.

You can mark a single point then move around with just the arrows, resizing selection by just hitting the relevant key in the correct position.

Maybe not 100% intuitive at first but sure it’s workable once you get used to it… (I actually do most selections by mouse now I’m used to a trackpad.)

Yep, this answers my question and gets me from here to there, kaz… thanks for pointing it out and the explanations.

I’m still not sold on the wrap/nowrap conversation :)