"block" Selection

I’m a fairly new Renoise user. The edit step function is one of the most important funcions for speeding up workflow, but how about a similar option for selection? By this I mean somethng like the L-shift function but with parameters like slect x lines every y lines (maybe by holding a hotkey sequence eg. ctrl then x then shift then y then releasing?)
or select block of z lines. I think this could be handy in live scenarios for chopping things up on the fly, applying randomize or reverse only to the specific lines selected, bumping notes to another track instantaneously etc Oh and also an intertrack cross fader would be nice.

Renoise has a bunch of shortcuts that might be useful to you?
You can set the block size to whatever you like…

Mark Column in Block Loop Range Shift + Alt + Q
Mark Column above current Line Shift + Alt + A
Mark Column below current Line Shift + Alt + Z
Mark whole Track Alt + T
Mark Track in Block Loop Range Alt + Q
Mark Track above current Line Alt + A
Mark Track below current Line Alt + Z
Mark whole Pattern Control + A
Mark Pattern in LoopBlock Range Alt + W
Mark Pattern above current Line Alt + S
Mark Pattern below current Line Alt + X

Don’t forget the old tracker standards:

Shift+F3 - cut track
Shift+F4 - copy track
Shift+F5 - paste track

Ctrl+F3 - cut pattern
Ctrl+F4 - copy pattern
Ctrl+F5 - paste pattern

These can be much quicker then selecting then copying etc.