"blocking" Pop-ups

Alright, I suck at computers, and don’t really know who to ask this, so I thought I’d just throw the question here, and hope for the best…

There’s this lil pop-up that keeps, well, popping up on my pc.

Apparently called “Sfondi Desktop”, wanting me to download wallpapers of naked chicks for my pc… Of course if they knew my Ex-wallpaper of Spears has been replaced by unbeatable pics of the upcoming Renoise 1.3, they wouldn’t bother me like this.

That, though, is not the issue.

Every time it pops up, my explorer gets, well, problems, and i’m asked to close my explorer, having to restart every freaking time.

Bottom line is; Is there any way to block, ignore, blacklist a page or pop up? By any chance?


Oh yeah… and renoise rocks


Try this prog called spybot. It searches your harddrive for adware + spyware and allows you to remove it, its a nice little prog and its freeware :)


I had a similar prob before with popup + home IE page constantly changing but using this and having a download manager on my system (seems you can manually filter out some progs that try to install themselves, but don`t quote me on this) think helped also:


yes there is … there are so much popup-blocker or internet-security software to block xxx-pages or whatever …

e.g. the google toolbar include an popup-blocker toolbar.google.com/

for advertisment-removing (it seems that’s your problem) use ad-aware www.lavasoftusa.com/

or search on download.com for other tools

All good advice, and in addition: use Mozilla instead of IE, since most of these spyware stuff use holes in IE to both get into your system and be run.

I would really recommend this as well. I actually started using Mozilla after Martin tipped me off :) Now I’ve switched to Mozilla Firebird which is faster, although still a beta. It works very well, but there are a few pages which don’t display correctly (due to poor web programming/testing) so you might want to keep IE as well.

well mozilla rocks really, opera too … but i think the main positive fact is that the IE starts as fast as no other browser on windows … nevertheless microsoft sucks :angry:

Firebird starts up the same or maybe even a bit faster than IE on my system. Well, about 1/2 - 1 sec for both of them so it’s no big deal :)

IE shares a lot of components with Windows, so MS is cheating a bit here…
Mozilla has an option to let you keep parts of it in memory even when it’s
closed. If you enable that, Mozilla is here a tad faster to start than IE again :)

Additionally, I’ve grown addicted to “Type-ahead find”, where you can type
parts of links or text on a page and have the focus move to that part.

Example: when I want to log out from this forum, I type two letters from “Log Out” and then press enter. No need for moving the hand all over to that mouse.
(Which takes longer than starting Mozilla, anyway…)

The only disadvantage of Firebird are it’s bookmarks. Very clumsy interface and not yet bugfree (at least here: after right clicking a folder in the list and chosing to do nothing I can’t get the folder to open again in the same session).

Thanks a million!


Sweet stuff, will try out some of these options.

a Firebird addict here too. Now I’m also using Mozilla Thunderbird for mailing, after having used Eudora 1.5.2 light 16 bit since 1995 :o (well, so what <_<)

It incredibly managed to import all of my Eudora mails and folders…!!

Just a curiosity added: you were framed by italian peoples, as “Sfondi Desktop” means “Desktop Wallpapers” in italian.

We do it better :)

i’m a firebird user since 0.6 :) no complaints, just the occasional slowdown on big pages and it doesn’t support that many plugins. otherwise, it’s one of the fastest browswers available. and free too.

it has download managing and popup blocking as well and an integrated google search. very nice.

anyway to get rid of hijacked startup items and internet explorer pages, you can try downloading ‘hijackthis’ and cleaning the registry. it’s free but quite hard to find over the net though :)

spybot/adaware are good stuff too!

DAMN you IT-Alien hehe


Would never have guessed it was italian, unless, of course, they would be advertising for Pizzas and Spaghetti :lol:
Mama-mia, I installed the Spybot and it seemed alot better and easier to use than Ad-Aware, works like a charm!

Thanks everyone :)

firefox is out.

get it here!

I’m a Mozilla user. I use it either on Linux and on Windows. I don’t use Firefox, since I have a special polish version of Mozilla - MozillaPL.org, it has great functions and an unbeatable number of configuration.

FIREFOX … LOL… some companies changing the version number every month without adding features … mozilla changes the name every month … funny thing - nevertheless great software …

slimbrowser uses internet explorer as the rendering engine… it’s practically MSIE, 'cept for the cosmetic and functional changes. as for speed - well, it is a microsoft product, so it comes with all kinds of cheats.

what I don’t like in FireFox is the “great download manager” which, in my opinion, is really useless.

Yes indeed, No idea why they call that a download manager :D. But the tabs, the bookmarks toolbar and the pop-up blocker make it my weapon uh browser of choice. Especially in combination with a real download manager.

There is a new beta for Spybot if anyone is interested which can be found here as there haven`t been any updates recently for the current version.

As it is a beta/RC, I guess it is use at your own risk but I have just used it and managed to zap some new spyware without any obvious probs (immunise didn`t seem to work properly though but need to check that out again)

Also found another prog through spybot page called SpywareBlaster:


Freeware and does some spyware blocking.