Blog On Mixing And Production

A lot of good stuff on here for people willing to learn:

Thanks to p7 for the link.

what is MMD approved? renoise leet insiders joke??


just like I’m disappointed in what captures ant minds these days… it’s “mr mark dollin approved”, and as usual, if you don’t know, you have no reason to care ^^

I’ve spent most of today depressed and full of anxiety, but this line of text made me have a very genuine chuckle and smile. Thanks byte.

As for the insider meme, Suva started it, kaneel evolved it, Mushen appropriated it, and taktik rejected it. Someone should put together a compendium website of all the bizarre Renoise memes we’ve had over the years. Most of them are truly awesome and 100% lol.

A few from memory:

  • K0R3
  • Lofimat on the Master
  • How do I sound like Venetian Snares?
  • Moar Cowbell
  • Bring back Nibbles
  • Smoking is bad, except in France.
  • There is no speed 6.

And probably many more I can’t remember.

To answer your question without evasion: MMD (Mr Mark Dollin) is generally considered by the Renoise community to be something of an authority on mixing, mastering and all things audiophile. From what I understand the stamp of ‘MMD Approved’ means you have produced tracks of superior standard in terms of mix and/or overall audio quality.

Look at it this way: if I said half the rubbish I’ve said here over the years at KVR or Gearslutz I would have been completely flamed to hell. That’s why I love the Renoise community so much. I love you guys.


Kaneel IS a Renoise meme


Hammond break? HAMMOND REPAIR! :o


Thanks. Quite a wide spectrum of tips. The nested structures tip is helpful, I usually nest structures and variations A1_0, A1_2, A2_0, B1_0, etc.

Agreed - some very good tips. Thanks for the link.

And that’s a fine blog, cheers.

One of my old work colleagues (unfortunately left the company now) has played Hammond and keys for The Specials, Bad Manner, The Beat and more.

No man, not broken, that is the IKEA edition!

Though at IKEA, it’s called a Håmmönd


wall to wall carpeted chuches smell all funny btw! :x

Don’t be so smartass, just cause you haz more internets.

Very good thank you.