Blues Songs To Sample? And Funky Drummer

hey everyone i am looking for some blue songs that would be pretty cool to sample like aaron did in his track Öngyilkos vasárnap" (lol just copied and pasted it from his discography dont have a clue how to speak hungerian) i have been to the samples thread but couldnt find stuff about blues and also where can i find just the drum solo to funky drummer sorry for being a pain guys

It’s a bit more complicated ;)

Ongyilkos Vasárnap was originally composition by Reszo Seress. There are a kazillion versions of it, Venetian Snares used Billy Holliday version. But ultimately, you can’t walk past a violinplayer in Hungary without him playing Suicide Sunday, it’s culture!

Blues, on the other hand, is jazz’s big brother. They are very different.
I recommend listening some Nina Simone for jazzy/bluesy awesomeness, else some Yann Tiersen for European Folk awesomeness.

But then again, I don’t recommend sampling ;)

EDIT: there are too many funk drumsolo’s to know what you’re exactly looking for. make your pick! ;)

nah, blues is like the grandpa of jazz.

really depends, tommy guerrero for example made an astonishing album back in the days by sampling blues, playing hiphop-beats and having a guitarist jam over it. (loose grooves & bastard blues, 1998)

yeah nina simone be pretty cool, the muller advert always reminds me of her lol

think hes referring to the break in funky drummer by james brown, one of the more commonly sampled pieces of music

grandpa or grandchild?

blues is the grandpa of jazz. it was before jazz.

not really, i think youll find that blues and jazz as we know them today both originiated in the late 19th century/early 20th century, with roots heading back much further to slave songs etc…

Yeah that’s what I thought, too…!
However, there’s no jazz without blues, but there’s blues without jazz…

Man, I heard they were like, cousins or somethin :blink: