Does anyone listen to Blue Tech? I know he uses Reaktor among other software. Does anyone know if he uses Renoise? Anyone ever heard him? His music is usually down tempo, chill and with amazing synth sounds via Reaktor.

Ive heard him mention that he sometimes writes songs with only 1 sine wave. He does all party melody, chords, bass lines, snare, bass, etc. How can this be done in renoise? Can it be done? Excuse me for my lack of synthesis knowledge.

Yess, Bluetech is good. Very chilled and almost Shpongle-like. Havent got a clue what he uses though!

why does it matter what he uses?

Anyone know if Elvis uses Renoise?

Word. Evan Marc is a magician.

I’m a big fan of bluetech. But seriously I don’t want to know ‘how’ he does his music, coz It’s a big part of his magic, mysterious music.

If you want to know. Ask him… I wont.

Merry Christmas

Bluetech is awesome :)