Blush Response

I can imagine Sweet Vanilla Pie from this track, dear Custard. Excellent work. A very good harmonic consonance between all elements in the song. The breakbeat may have another smaller sounding breakbeat with a little more divided rhythmic pattern in high-hats or tambourine and off-beat soft snare drums underneath at beyond 02:00 to somewhere in the 03:31s to give a little more variation and attractiveness to the development of the drums. The final mix is very good and solid, I wonder whether this track would need a better mix with at least the kick drum and maybe the mid low of the snare drum to be mixed as loudest peaks? The overall loudness factor is a bit high, and this tune does not really need to be turned up loud with this way of mixing. I enjoyed listening to this tune, and I like what you have made here with this. Big up!

EatMe out

Thank you for the valuable feedback Eatme. I will try a different mix down (quieter) and try to vary the drums more. Much appreciated. <3

great work! It feels harmonic and rhythmical. I love the dynamics and mix. Keep it up! :slight_smile: