Bonfire Snowboard Products

Hey everyone just wonderings if there are any snowboarders out there and like bonfire products (belong to the salomon group) i have ordered the bonfire raidiant 08 jacket in green Bonfire jacket I just want anyone’s knowledge on the product and if they like it cheers going to bulgaria in march and really cant wait :)

yeah, snoboarding is much fun :) but i dont have any extra fancy clothing for it :) just regular “Iguana” jacket and “Five Seasons” pants :) Only time these clothes have let me down is in wet conditions. They are 5000 mm waterproof but its not water proof enough to withstand wet snow and wet chairlifts for long time. Otherwise they suit me well.
I dont know much about bonfire clohtes though. Ypu may want to check out there are many snowboarders… some of them might know more about “bonfire” products.

cheers mate i’ll give that site a look thanks again :)