i have a lot of samples since i enjoy sampling,
problem is that my samples are not very well represented in renoise.

i would like to be able to ‘see’ my samples in some sort of preview window without having to assign the sample to a position in the sample list square (sorry for not using renoise lingo i’m new :)

also i would like to be able to tag or bookmark folders or maybe even create those icons that are just to the left of the directory tree.

fast way to navigate to my samples basically.

right now i have to click on the home icon then go to my sample folder, then go to the correct subfolder and start previewing. (which is why i dont preview in renoise)

blabla thanks.

Use the diskop, there are 4 numbered blocks above ‘Song’ in which you can save presets of folders you often visit, right click these blocks to save the current visible directory. The blocks are unique for every selection (song / DSP chain / Instrument / Sample / Theme).