Books/Resources On The Tech Of Computer Music

hi, anyone got any tips on what to read regarding synthesizing sound and the workings of the math behind computer music etc?

to give you an idea: i’ve begun to read the theory and technique of electronic music by http://en.wikipedia…Miller_Puckette which is free to download but can also be bought. (rather expensive though) seems to be a good read and i guess one can get hands on experience since there are examples in

a good place to start? is pd worth learning or is one of these http://en.wikipedia…onments#General better?

your thoughts and tips, please! (=

Here’s some of my favourites…


More specific:

Audible Design – ISBN 095103137

A plain and easy introduction to practical sound composition
from Electronic Music Foundation or Digital Music Archive or ICR
or bookshops.
On Sonic Art – ISBN 371865461 or (paperback) 37186547X

The aesthetics of composition in a digital age
published by Taylor and Francis Books
from bookshops.

How to Make a Noise by Simon Cann is one of my personal favorites on Synthesis.

thanks for taking your time. much appreciated! checking out the reviews and scope of these now! (=

If you want to try PD check out these tutorial vids:

Great stuff.

Dude thanks! I’ve always wanted to learn more about PD. It’s really difficult to use, and these tutorials will help.