Bootsie's Density Mkii VST Won't Work

Bootsie’s Density mkII doesn’t work in the new beta. It doesn’t work in the latest official version as well. (Well, for me at least.)

A “Fatal VST Plugin Error” window appears once I try to run audio through it, saying "crashed in VST event/function: ‘Process’, Thread ‘Audio’.

Could this be caused by Renoise? AFAIK, Density mkII works in other hosts.

Other Bootsie plugins work in Renoise.

Does it crash for you?

Has anyone contacted Bootsie yet?

Or my laptop is the one to blame?


So, no one knows or what? I thought that bootsie’s plug-ins are quite popular…

Did it ever worked in any version of Renoise?

The plugin might not be a favorite because there might be better alternatives out there.
But that is just a guess…

This plugin sounds actually pretty good. I have a few problems with most of his plugins too, but these are mainly because he is using Synthmaker to build his stuff. It has a few known problems making it crash and this varies randomly over different plugins. Some work just fine, others crash, especially if multiple instances are used and so on. There is hardly a reliable pattern.

Even had some weird things happen with Epicverb, which made the mouse pointer disappearing completely after adjusting some parameters and i had to shutdown Renoise.

I had these problems with Rescue, RescueAE, Tessla SE, Density and Epicverb. The only ones i’ve kept currently are RescueAE and Epicverb, which seem less error prone. Ditched the rest because they weren’t reliable enough. I do remember reporting him reproduceable crashes with Rescue and even supplied example projects, but all he was able to do was to file a bug report in the Synthmaker forum which was kinda ignored back then. Don’t know how far they are into fixing these. For now i’m trying to avoid anything made with Synthmaker and also Synthedit.