'borrowing' Features From Aerostudio...

First off, back to the piano roll debacle; Aero Studio uses both piano roll and tracker format to input notes. It works rather well, better than I thought it would…

Automation to include EVERYTHING (i.e. notes, instrument selection, etc.). For those experimental guys who just love random techno, going into Aero’s parameter edit and drawing a random line is the coolest thing ever. It turns out that it lends it self very well to remixing drums live, and rhythmically altering peramters very quickly…however, this would require the ability to ‘draw’ points, rather than place/set (i.e. the way automation is now). Maybe a shortcut to switch between the two methods could be explored. Personally, though, the instant remix, say, using a drum machine is awesome when you have a base track of just the kick and snare, then come in with a second track with which you draw random notes…suddenly, you’re richard d james starring as analord (or AFX back in the day) and you can keep altering it live all night, with a finished alter done before your pattern’s even done playing!

Resize top and bottom panels: I think somehow, we should be able to see the automation more clearly and larger if needed. If that feature is in renoise already, I’m not aware of it.

Non-GUI view of VSTs would be nice as well…with scrollbars. Sometimes, the interface is just a tad annoying on some of these things so a nice window full of clearly marked sliders to play with would be fine in my book, not just using that format for those without graphics imbedded.

Instant sound-on option for track mutes rather than ‘wait until next note triggers’…i.e. process all sounds, whether muted or not, then when you unmute, it’s all ready to go to your output the instant that ‘X’ is removed from the track scopes. Right now, it seems more like a glorified ‘no note’ mute, rather than a ‘true mute’. I mean, when you un mute a tv, it doesn’t wait until the next word is spoken before it starts sounding off again, right? :P

Okay, I’m done…I just played around with areostudio and found the program had very nice features that would add to the enjoyability of ReNoise…and since it’s practically defunct, I don’t think anyone would mind…

Try ctrl or shift + mute/solo a track.

Or change this default behavior in preferences.

If you mean VST effects, that’s already possible… there’s a little arrow, next to the effect’s checkbox.
Not for VSTi, tho.

for VSTi there is the “VSTi automation device” in the “meta devices” DSP category.

never heard of Aero Studio, is this a buzz clone?

yeah…here’s two examples of using the peramter feature on notes live…

it’s always done by the time the pattern repeats…on both songs, I had only one pattern completed (base rhythm) and the rest is random, either effects or notes themselves…just draw the peramters in freehand.


Just small examples of how they can be used…I haven’t explored a lot with the program. Drums are ‘drammatic3’ and acid sounds are ‘monomate’.

also, this tune:


Was randomly generated with mouse scribbling for most of it and then played live.