Boss Vt-1?

I’ve been trying really hard to find a Boss VT-1 pedal, but they seem to be pretty difficult to find.

Does anyone have any suggestions on other pedals that let’s you “transform” your voice, the way the VT-1 does?

And if not hardware, then a software equivalent?

You could try shoving it through Absynth 4, with Absynth 4 inserted as an FX.

I have been playing with that recently, with my microphone. You can get some INSANE sounds out of that thing!

Make your own.

  1. tube
  2. old pc speakers
  3. a box “plastic container” to throw it all into.
  4. ducktape

here’s a guy explaining it slow like, actually, you could probably finish the
voice transformer before he’s done talking ;D


You are completely confusing “Voice Transformer” with “Talkbox” here. :P

Thanks for the advice. :) I’ll try it out!

Just to avoid confusion:
I’m looking for a way to pitch-shift my voice, in a “gender-bending” way, so to speak.
Most pitchshifters simply make your voice sound like a chipmunk when you increase the pitch,
and I would very much like to get a more “natural” result, if that is possible. :P

I have to dissapoint you. The Vt-1 is not the best gender-bender. :)

I once had a software which basically tranformed your voice to any other voice out there. It just needed a clear and long enough sample of the original voice and then it somehow calculated the general pitch and phonemes out of it. Was really fun, but if the sample was too short it started making weird sounds. With this you could sound like a girl and it sounded quite real. :)

I tried to find that program again, but with no success, I have forgotten the program name. 10 points to anyone who can find the program again. :)

Ah! Well, I’m not that surprised, since the VT-1 was released over ten years ago. :P
Happy to hear that there are better ones out there (since it’s pretty hard to find), though. :)

Wow! :o That sounds totally awesome! I would love to try a software like that! :dribble:
If anyone has any idea of the name - Please; Let us know!