Botb - Become Our Toy Box

Netrelease spam!!

[i]After perilous adventures and overcoming much danger and
the likes, benefit of the boomerang was finally caught red-handed,
delivering pretentious funk and obnoxious broken beats, solely
designed to confuse the innocent feetwork of contemporary ravers.
With his ever faithful companion Hex at his side, no dancefloor is safe
from this entity that some refer to as music. Those daring few who have
done so, have gathered to step up and confront these no less than
twentytwo minutes of intense mangling, taking the ride that will drown
their very souls into a dramatically dark evilness.

Them Records choose to sacrifice yet another innocent internet user’s
good taste, by allowing this all to happen.[/i]

them records
direct link

That makes me very happy, as soon as I have the time to listen to it… I will comment here.


gettinggg it now… tried before but then the download was slow but now its fast again, so … yay. almost done now… oh hurry! :ph34r:

word like a mutha fvcka. m4sh.d l1k# pO7at03s 5kr4mbled e66s

great release botb. this netlabel looks promising :) everyone friend it!

Finally I have the time to listen to your wonderful new release… isn’t that a remake of something older? like parts of Clockwork Samurai XL? hehe well… they sound really good.

Anyway… you are very good music producer because this stuff is stronger than any drugs. I’m very happy to hear some more crazyness from you… please do not stop we need more of that sound!

Thanks dude! Really appreciate it! :)

Though I’ve sayd it before… Clockwork Samurai is a mix, a short live
set if you will, consisting out of several tracks. I can imagine that if
you heared Clockwork Samurai, you’ll recognise some tracks in this
EP because… well… they’re the same, only mixed… and now seperate
for your OWN mixing pleasures! :P

Glad to hear you dig all the crazyness though! I won’t stop, muaha!


But I’m with JBL and, for some reason, I feel I’ve heard (every?) song on here before? Or at least some unfinished variation thereof? I guess we got some previews because we were keeping up with the Renoise Song Forum?

Anyway, doesn’t take away from the awesomeness.

Nice one.

“Are you with us, or are you with them?”
Uh…now I’m confused! But themrecords is sounding good.

This is going straight into my dysfunctional partymusic playlist!

you’re with us ;)

JBL, Connor: I guess that people who’ve been lured into my traps of spam over the years,
know quite some tunes off this EP, I can only praise and thank anyone who recognizes a track.

Not following new botb’s stuff is like not following new venetian snares’ stuff.

excellent smithers!

love the weird! :)

allready knew 4 of teh 5 tracks but dope nonetheless!

plz continue.