Botb - Life Is A Play And You A Terrible Actor

Ehmmm… yeah … renoise is da shit yo :yeah:

Continued where the previous track left off … so lil more
banging just to suit the personal needs … and take a piss
out of a certain chip-addict.

Anyways, I hope anybody’s in for a ride …
Feedback most welcome and most appreciated !

BotB - Life is a play and you a terrible actor

Rant via gabber (or was that speedcore?)…

Awesome!! :yeah:
My Foobar2000 screams in pain/rejoice

nice to see people who do experimental electronics with renoise. our (kowareta hyoushi) first record is out soon. completely done in renoise :) i’m so happy

oh yeah, the track is really nice. i downloaded some other tracks from your page before.

herm… BotB… excellent job… only…
how do I put this…
Where’s the bass? :blink:

is there a need? i think often you can achive better results without strong basslines

Hahahaha !

Shit … yeah …
So much to play with that ye tend to overlook things …
I tried compensating it with putting more kick in the rythms
since the track is 75% beats anyway …

And maybe the lack of bass is a poke in the eye of a certain guy I know on some other forum … :rolleyes:

Thanks for the kind words though, guys !

Is this a rhetoric question? :) I guess I wouldn’t ask if it was otherwise :)
Aren’t we in the song forum? Wasn’t that a feedback request?

I can even agree with you on this… but without a “strong” bassline.
Meaning that sometimes a “simple” bassline can do the job…
but I don’t know about total lack of bassline :lol:

Kicks have their reason to be, here. But I feel like the whole track is just “shifted” toward high freqz… I don’t know… even without bassline I would have expected the whole track to behave better on low freqz… while instead I almost feel like the whole track was gone through some hi-pass filter :huh:

Hmmmkay… gonna look into that …

I always mix by ear, so I spit out a track when my own ears say: fukkit, yeak keep it like this …
But a bass, perhaps it will add a bit of the spice it needs, or lacks … or wotever :)

Thanks !

Well maybe it depends on your speaker-monitors? :mellow:
Just to know, what do you use? :)
Because even sub/deep kicks are not very “deep” at all…

You can even keep it mono-tonic if you are for the aggressive-obsessive approach… just give life to those mid-low freqz! :D

It’s not the equipment … using Praxis’ 25€ “soundsystem du jardin” :w00t:

It’s my terrible mixing skills at work here but hey, aaaall part
of the learning curve … I’m taking your advice into account and see if
I can crank this track up to 11 till the ears bleed, which is really the
only reason it exists … hehe… egh …

Thanks !
Other comments, critiques, feedback, beedwack most appreciated :)


what i mean is for example using the amen break only. (just an example). there enough kickin tracks that come without using extra baselines. i hope you get what i mean.


Every 16th kick, add a sine tone blast. Or at least a deeper kick drum.

Also consider spacing some things out in the mix, that might help. Make some of your Renoise columns wider using the Width parameter available in DSP chain, or LFO pan them them every so subtly over time.

A little abrasive, but not a bad track. Thanks for sharing.

great track :yeah:

but me too miss some bassline :) even simple low freq sin wave will do with this track i think…

Akira, Conner, Trackit… I think that the point is:

Maybe I don’t exactly dig what’s a “praxis soundsystem du jardin” is… but if the price is 25€… I don’t think it’s your “terrible mixing skills”… you can’t really have a chance of mixing in a good way unless you’re able to tell what’s “really” happening in your track with your speakers.
Let’s suppose that you’re using a speaker pair that completely lacks low freqz… (not unusual for a 25€ soundsystem, I suppose) then as soon as you try to EQ you will have no real perception about low freqz… cutting low freqz will have no concrete effect on “what you hear”… it might even leave room for stronger dynamics on the rest of the freqz.
Or maybe that is a very cheap sats+1sub system… and in this case you might have an excessive volume pumping out of the sub… that makes you even cut the low freqz untill they sound “ok” on your system but totally weak on any other.
Other weird things that might happen: your soundsystem gets “saturated” very easily and starts to distort mid-low output on very low volumes. You might develope an “ear” to that… and put no attention at the way your track comes compressed afterward… so you might easily not realize that your track’s coming out over-compressed… (yes, I think your track IS a bit over-compressed and distorted… but I don’t know, maybe that is exactly what you wanted to obtain for this style-approach)

Simply, if you mix by ears with a bad soundsystem you’ll get a mix that will sound “ok”… only on other “Soundystems du jardin” :)

just took a short part of your song… and added quickly some low bass, some middle saw bass, and some synth… :)

this is rough cut though… did it very quickly and didnt put too much effort into that… you can sure do better… :)

short sample with bass

I mixed all my tunes by ear on this cheap-ass soundsystem without
much hassle or complain … I simply need to get some more hang on
this new way of postproducing my tracks, that’s all…

I actually used to overdo it on bass because these “du jardin’s”
make walls tremble like nobody’s business and yeah… me diiiig that :)

It matters not wot system you got really, if you know the ins and outs
I guess … maybe I should introduce meself to em sometimes, have a nice
cup of tea, smoke some grass and see if we connect ;)
Nah, seriously … thanks heaps for the advice man !!

Trackit, really like your idea ! Yeah, inspiring to say the least …
Okay, it desperately needs bass … cheers !

Fine :) Here’s your first wave of “complains” :) (not exactly complains, you know, as a matter of fact, suggesting that is constructive criticism)

You probably got me wrong. When I say “Soundsystem” I know it often means “AudioCard and all the rest”… while here I just meant “Speakers”.
About speakers, there is no In-Out to know… so save tea and weed for when I’m there :D You DO need a GOOD soundsystem if you’re supposed to have people listening to your music on other different speakers than yours :)


:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:
But I only have one doubt… if BotB is listening to your mp3 on his “du jardin” he will eventually have no/poor perception of the different EQ set… ?
I guess we’ll never know :D
Everything is relative to our own perceptions, Trackit…
…except your track that as a matter of fact k!ckz 4ss3s b!G T!m3z
:lol: :lol:

well, he said that he liked it… :) and i’m glad he like it!!

By the way Botb, dont get me wrong… i really love your track… :)

but with some solid bassline you can make this track even better!!!

keep up the good work :yeah:

edit: but as for the “du jardin” wich i actually dont know what it means :lol: i agree with Parsec. Its really hard to mix when you actually dont hear what you are doing…
And for those who dont want to spend lot of money on monitors and are on a low budget, i would recommend logitech z 2300 speakers. They are inexpensive but yet pretty good speakers!! I mean for that money (around 120 €) you just cant get any better!!!

Yeah, I take criticism seriously ofcourse…
And since I dug your idea on the bassline … well…


BotB - Life is a play and you a terrible actor (with a tad more bass!!)

I do hear a lot of bass on these speakers, it’s just that I overlooked
them and mayhaps didn’t even miss them in my mix before …
In cases like that, a feedbacking forum saves lives :)

This track is THE BOMB!! :drummer: :yeah: