Botb & The Amateur Orchestra

my songwriting skills need polishing, so I made this to practice:

It sounds awful, but that’s also edirol orchestra. I don’t have 500 euros for quantum leap,
nor the internet connection to torrent anything comparable. Still, I hope you get the musical
idea behind it. It’s about 22 minutes of pretentious bossbattle drama with cheap tricks.

Always looking for remixers… ;)

IMO this music dont progress or build up anywhere, its too boring for my taste. It tont have the dynamics or “drama” that classical music should have, its just constant intro that doesnt lead anywhere.

but not too bad for a start, keep practicing!

yes, it’s fakking boring… it’s like every track is a loop, just some raw
sketching, using cheap orchestral sounds to cover up the lack
of compositional creativity and skillz0rxl.

but then again, I never claimed to write classical music. benefit of the bossbattle

I really like it. Although it maybe doesn’t have as much dynamics (lacking some quieter parts) as I’d like to hear I think you’ve got some really positive stuff here. Keep it up!

Jordy: think hard on this - Less Is More.

(that’s not to undermine your effort here, there’s considerable depth and intelligence here in the music)

Oh yeepee! Something new from botb! I will be happy to download, listen, enjoy and comment asap!

I’m a great fan of EEP ep and the first 2 minutes of clockwork samurai XL (not that the remaining of it is bad)

I’m wondering… is there more of that kind of botb to come?

Are you planning to come to Montreal (canada) some day? I would love to see you performing live!

Spitfire Linch: thanks dude :) I agree the compositions are not very dynamic… it’s not my usual thing, I found it hard to find my way with the means I allowed myself to have.

Foo?: note taken! yes, it’s very tempting to keep building layers of melodies, make chords bigger and heavier, without actually adding anything to the music… I like the bombastic sound, but it IS getting a bit messy…

Still, thanks for the kind words! :) I worked hard on the melodies themselves, trying to grab tension and hold on to it for as long as possible. Limiting yourself to the use of instruments requires different means of creating atmosphere, which is a cool experiment.

JBL: I thank thee for thy support! Great to hear my work is well appreciated by you :) More hectic and destructive stuff is on the way, one record on Kriss Records and another on Mindtrick Records. Don’t ask me when, though… haha, you’re tempting me to spam more!!

I’ll be coming to the other side of the ocean somewhere next year, doing gigs in NYC, Buffalo, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Winnipeg. Raxyor, Laf-O and Eye-Soar owe me ;)

So uh… When you’re inbetween Toronto and Winnipeg… ya wanna make a pit stop in Thunder Bay? :P

… It’s only an 8 hour drive from Winnipeg xD

… and when will you be in Winnipeg btw? It would be cool if I could schedule my vacation around that time, as I tend to go visit my mom in wpg every year.

btw, Thunder Bay is a hick town, but as such, the local scene here gets obsessive about every act that comes through here… you’d be an instant god for a bunch of angsty teens who are pissed off at their yuppy redneck (yes, seems there is such a thing) parents.

btw, from the sounds of it, you’ve played waaaaaaaaaaay too much final fantasy.

I do like the odd time signatures however :)

Word, I’ll for sure be coming to the show(s) closest to Michigan!

I do like the compositions, but the mix sounds a little dry to me. The music is pretty sweet though, i’ve been listening to it while studying.

Well guys, still making plans for that tour :D
I know I can get gigs in those towns, they promised me… but y’know
how breakcore works: you never know until it actually happens!

Bytesmasher: if you can get a venue in Thunder Bay, we’ll set up a gig! Life is that simple!

Define “venue” :P … there’s a local bar where all the punk and screamo bands play… but nothing in the way of a jungle-haus… you’d probably get a fairly small turnout tbh, as there’s not really an electronic music scene in town… but you never know ;)

Ho, I’ve heared stories about the turn-up on hectic electronic acts in the States and Canada…
It’s the experience that counts, the sense of adventure, the excuse to finally visit the other
side of the Atlantic! I hosted some friends from the States a few times and they were surprised
about the enthousiasm they encountered at European gigs.

I define ‘venue’ as any dark hole that has enough room to hold a bar, a few acts and a fistfull
of wackos that enjoy the atmosphere and music.

If that’s the case, I can try to get you on a show in Detroit if you want too; there’s a pretty big scene over here.

that would be awesome! i will keep it in mind, cheers!!

Awesome, just let me know the timeframe and such when you start planning and I’ll get ahold of him.

Yeah! Montreal is on the list!

about Opus Vivace, I really like Klauw and I think Jenim has too many layers of sounds…

I think it could be interesting to hear some breaks in a longer version of Klauw (I’m thinking, something like Mise en Trop, which is, by the way, one of my favorite track)

Overall, I find it interesting and better than Opus Jenim, however, Nagel was a very good piece…

Were you involved with SCHIZOPHRENIA II in December 2007? I know a guy, DJ Fishead, who played that show.

Nope, sorry to say that wasn’t me. I’m too busy to book shows anymore, but I’m still friends with a lot of people that do.