Bought Myself A New Keyboard

I was acctually going to buy myself a cheap midi keyboard ,but ended up with a quite expensive keyboard. Its a Roland EXR 7. Anyone got the same?
I dont know if this post is suppose to be in the off topic genre
Im going to use the keyboard while using Renoise so… :yeah:

you damn right its expensive :) how will you use it btw? its got quite a bit of functionality as i understand…

i got m-audio keystation 61es. not much of the functionality or knobs :lol: but i love the keys of that thing


damn… seems like you dont need anything else besides that keyboard… this keyboard got it all :lol:

Oh realy? lol
Well i was thinking of buying some mixers and scratchers later on…
Will reconsider that :P

Sounds like a Tool for the ultimate rolling sound disco. I imagine a guy sitting in front of a wedding party and playing the Holzmichel ;)

I forgot to answer how i would use this keyboard.
Well i have had a lousy 20 year old keyboard to play at and its quite out of date. What will i do with all the knobs?
Well i dont know ,but i can learn :P
Cant learn how the knobs work without trying it in pratice. B)