Bouncing Down An External Synth With Fx Applied Inside Renoise?

So I’ve been working on a song that includes a bassline part from an external midi bass synth. I set up the line in recorder, applied some FX, and worked on the rest of the song.

However, when I wanted to bounce the bassline down, I disabled the line in recorder, and hit record in the sample editor, choosing to apply the fx chain I had set up for it. However, when I listened back to the sample, it had been recorded dry. Try as I might, I can’t get the sample recorded with the applied fx.

I’m running the bass through an m-audio nrv-10 which is a mixer/soundcard hybrid. I’ve set the bass channel to be pre-mixer strip, so it goes straight into renoise, bypassing all the nrv-10 eq/mixer fx. Anyone got any ideas? What am I doing wrong?

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oops. i forgot i had a send on that channel…