Bovllov new sounds!

So here are my new sounds, i didn’t post anything since the release of my album in october (You can get it here for free)
You may have cross my way, my pseudo use to be TheSithPanda

Anyway, here are they:
Chill music:

And a stupid “Techno” sound made with the Massive synth:

So what do you think? I’d like advices, tell me if you enjoy it, and if so, share it! :D/>

Checking out the first one and typing as I’m listening. Intro is a bit too messy but it sounds pretty interesting when it drops. Nice little layers using found sounds. Piano sounds a bit boxy and the chopped rhythm isn’t working too great at times. Around 1st min I’m expecting more to happen (perhaps a fuller beat or something). Also not sure if you have any bass in here at all so there’s that. The drop around 1:45 was nice (perhaps a bit late). And it’s over before it actually goes anywhere :)

So overall it’s a nice tune, mixdown isn’t great but not bad either. My biggest gripe would be the proportion of the song. It drags too long before starting to move and it’s over too quick after it gets moving.