BPM is different in every new (empty) song

Hi there,

everytime i launch Renoise and a new empty project opens, the BPM Value is different.
Example: first launch: 120 bpm, I close renoise. 2nd launch: 145 bpm, I close renoise. 3rd lauch 115 bpm, I close renoise. 4th launch 140 and so on.
I do not use a template at the moment
Is this a funny feature which i activated by accident?


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Wow, that’s interesting. I’ve never seen this (I’m on 3.2.1) and I’m tempted to wish I did, to push to use unexpected BPMs on new songs. : )

But it seems like a bug.

Deliberately coded that way. You didn’t activate it by accident.

AFAIK Renoise has always randomized a BPM tempo on a new song (you’d have to ask taktik what the random range is (I get the feeling it’s randomly selecting fixed values (wholly divisible by 5) between 80-155 bpm, i.e. 80,85,90,95,100,105…145,150,155)) You can save a song template to ‘fix’ the BPM value.

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Thanks for replying James!
That was my initial thought too. No problem with that behavior since I change the bpm to my liking anyway. I was just wondering if its something I can vontrol.
Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi 4tey! Thanks for helping me out!
Are you serious? Is this the normal behavior? I’ve never experienced that before and some other dudes didnt either.
I can live with it. I will configure myself a template soon, so that wont matter anymore.

Yes. It was meant as a little inspiration aid to avoid that people keep making songs at 120 BPM (the default in many hosts) all the time.


Hi taktik,
Thanks for your reply!

Thanks to all of you guys, you helped me out lightning fast.
I appreciate you all!

AH! That explains my not seeing this.

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