Bpm Question

kk so Nitrus has a song at 165 BPM speed 6 and I’m messing with it… and at some point I want it to turn to 330 BPM speed 3 but with the F0xx command… the maximum is 256 BPM… How can I get 330 BPM?


Currently not possible :confused:

Renoise got a FF (hex) limitation for pattern fx values.
So there is nothing we can do about that before Renoise get a higher pattern command resolution.

that’s what I thought…


I’ll just deal with 165 speed 3… it’s twice as fast… at least…

or I could try speed 1… but thats very fast.

hopefully in the next update it’ll be possible to use patterncommands for speeds over 255 ! Real omission right now, and I hate it!

in Modplug you’ve got a command Txx for bpm values. T11 makes it 1bpm faster, T12 2bpm…T1F 15 bpm faster, so you reach higher bpm levels during tracking. maybe it’s possible to get such a feature in Renoise