Bpm Sync Lfo

Dunno if it has been discussed here before but here we go anyhow.

How about adding a bpm sync to the lfo kinda like the one in the delay fx.
Couse it’s a pain in the ass to get it right with those pesky sliders.

Think this has been discussed before. Agree would be a good addition.
Would also like it if you could rightclick the lfo reset button resulting in the relevant pattern command being inserted in the pattern (aswell as all DSP on/off ticks to work this way)

is it on the todo list?

The LFO`s time is already synced to the bpm, as its running with “ticks”. I will try to make this more obvious, by showing the LFO time in Ticks or even Lines then for the next release.

Kick azz, thanx.

waiting in suspense for next release :o