spam because I can
and I’m fond of this one

anyway, maybe I’ll put up the xrns soon instead

edit: whoops, upped the wrong track, updated now

@ the beats: woweee! (as usual :P)
@ the tune: I’ve come to expect more “depth” in your melodies, this seems a bit light on in comparison to alot of your previous stuff…

Not necessarily a bad thing, just different to what i was expecting…

dude this is excellent. very nice. i would love to see the xrns!

thanks fellers!
there is much room for a fat lead of some sort, something
to drag the composition onward… I guess I was either lazy,
or focusing on the rythm too much…

anyway, here’s the xrns in rar for whoever is into that thing

I wanna hear you add some leads, neel!

thats real generous! thanks man! :)
great track and ninja skillz.


yo btw, thanks for the upload, i enjoyed snooping around your xrns :)

here’s a critic, you have so much going on in your track, there’s just not enough room for everything to come out right. maybe do some more shit with left/right mixing to have all the instruments stand out. there’s a lot of things that get burried beneath the beats imo.

i tried doing a remix, but haven’t really changed anything yet. i have an idea of doing a speed 4 mix of this and play around with those organ chords, kind of dub step wise. i’ll post it here if something ever comes out :)

The track seems to have disappeared. Anyone still got it? I like you other music, and I really want to listen to this one.

Took down the file a long time ago, due to the age of the topic and track in question.
I’ll have to reupload the xrns… after I found it… I’d be happy to share it again though :)

Expect a link somewhere tonight, when I got home and got time. Thanks for your interest!

as promised

I want BotB’s level of crowd reaction to posting tunes on the web :P


awww you guys…

you’d rather want my sex-appeal :P

thats extremely ill…

thats extremely ill…

Thanks a lot! (I’m late, I know)

This is the extremely wanted beginning part of Clockwork Samurai! YAY! :)

I’m gonna spend a lot of time on this.

botb, you’ve convinced me that higher bpm is supreme. more resolution!

amazing work. i <3 it :D

Great tune, thanks for sharing. :)

It’s always nice to see how others build their tracks.