Brain - Blown

iam posting in beginners questions due to the lack of a forum called “absolute idiot questions” i have no idea what iam doing. i have looked at the 3 video tutorials but i get lost on the last one as soon as it starts adding notes into it. I have tried reading the written tutorials but as usual those things are terrible and barely readable at the best of times. i would really enjoy to get into something like this and i feel it would be a lot easier the second time round i mean the first step is allways the hardest. is there anything else i could do to help me understand or does it just come down to reading the tutorials over and over until i understand? iam trying to actully learn rather then giving up as soon as the first sign of a little bit of works appears (which is what i usually do). if anyone actully does want to help, thanks in advance.

If you really don’t know what the hells going on heres some really basic stuff.

Start up renoise, you’ll see a blank pattern.

Load a sample into an instrument slot in the top right by browsing your HD in the ‘Disk Browser’ window (with the option ‘sample’ chosen).
Double click a .wav to load it into the current instrument slot.
Choose a short sample like a single note or drum hit.

Hit some letters on your keyboard - you should hear the sample being pitched up and down to play notes.

Press Escape to enter edit mode, play some notes into the pattern, using the arrow keys to move up/down to insert rests or go back, Caps lock to enter note-offs, and Delete to delete notes.

Press play.

RTFM a bit more to get to know some of the basic keyboard commands for the pattern editor like copy and paste track, column, pattern, etc… you’ll be fine.

there are some demosongs and tutorial songs in the “songs” subfolder. try playing them, if you didn’t it before

i have played the demo songs and i did know how to add samples to a instrument just not how to save the instrument so i can use it after i quit renois (if you can do that). also i didnt realise u could just press the keyboard to enter the keys what other ways can you do it? In the video tutorial the person doing it enters 1 sound then enters that 1 sound in gaps of 2 the whole way down the track, is that just him speeding up the video or is there a feature to do that? one last thing whats RTFM? thanks your your help anyway.

edit: if anything has some good drum samples that would be great too Also what iam basicly stuck on is figureing out how to add a specific sound from the instrument i made.

select the instrument you want to save from the insturment browser:

to save an instrument, there is a diskette-shaped icon in the lower-left corner of the file-browser:

…^look here - type a name ^here^, then click on the icon

the “gaps” feature is called “editstep” and is available here in the right bottom corner of the image:

RTFM = Read The F*cking Manual

honestly, these basic things are explained pretty well in the video tutorial and in the manual. Please give them more attention.

finally, for free samples:
look here
or here

thanks the edit thing confused me before. i thought 1 gap would mean it took 1 space and the 0 would mean no spaces. also your feeble atempt at censoring is quite funny :P. thanks for the basic tips now i can just fiddle about with effects and stuff and take the time to get some good samples. thanks or being patient i know how annoying it is getting asked the same questions over and over and having to spoonfeed people who cant be bothered finding out themselves but i honestly didnt understand so thanks i apperciate it :) .

The way I remember learning how to track was downloading other people’s songs, studying them by staring at the screen and clicking on stuff while the songs played, then editing these same songs as I got more confident. Swaping samples, writing additional melodies, trying effects, transposing… There’s a bunch of songs you can study from previous Beat Battles on this page in the lower right under “BEATBATTLE RESULTS”

The best way to learn is with your tracker fists! Get punching.

This is pretty much the safest way to go, load stuff from others and just mess around with it to see what happens, what changes and read the manual later to understand why it changed.