1. old type sampler - no revolution here, still old ft2 just with stereo support

This has been discussed quite a bit, and is an issue that might very well be improved later.
But it’s not the most important one, since you’ve got vsti support, so you can
use any professional vsti sampler. And if I understand it right, a renoise generator
api is in progress. IMO, it’s more important to improve Renoises features as a tracker/sequencer,
and let the sounds come elsewhere. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea, and it’s on The List.

  1. ticks timed engine - still the same algorithm command effect scalling, envelopes also seems timed by >frames that worse than even ticks.

I agree… <_<

  1. no new fundamental ideas. (that’s btw good subject to talk about nowadays)

What “new fundamental ideas” do you wish to see? The list of ideas is quite large.
(much thanks to everybody on this forum)

  1. old type diskop gui

Improved diskop view is a work in progress.

thats a big problem yes, but I also see the problems that appear with that codingwise … let me explain :

if you look at the MIDI-Program Style, its no problem to (for example) have this easy sync-button thing, where one track gets played ahead of the others so a possible lag due to the dsp-effect-chain gets compensated.

the unique thing about trackers is that one track can influence all the other tracks. you cant say “I will play track 3 50 milliseconds ahead because there are some effects which delay the whole track for 50ms” because “later” there might be a tempochange or something like that. I understand that this is all very delicate and hard to code.

still, an overall speedup of the renderengine should be easy.

This has been discussed quite a bit, and is an issue that might very well >be improved later. But it’s not the most important one, since you’ve got >vsti support, so you can use any professional vsti sampler. And if I >understand it right, a renoise generator api is in progress. IMO, it’s more >important to improve Renoises features as a tracker/sequencer, and let >the sounds come elsewhere. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea, and it’s on >The List.

  1. professional vsti sampler costs money usually, not everybody are such mad warez dudes like me.
  2. i don’t like to use vsti to use high quality instruments, vsti doesn’t support tracker’s ommands.
  3. it’s not just good idea, it’s vital.

What “new fundamental ideas” do you wish to see?

well, it’s something that will be new not just for renoise, something that will be new in general, maybe unusual or even weird but functional. i can’t say right now, i need a time to create something finished from my ideas. the problem is i’m not sure you’ll take my ideas seriously and develop it. i expect replies “would be nice, but it’s too hard to code, maybe later” or “that’s not most important feature to code, maybe later” or “ah, this is weird, no one needs it”. so, i’m not much inspired to suggest all my ideas.

Improved diskop view is a work in progress.

don’t forget about proper envelope editor…

of course bugs should be fixed as soon as it possible, but there are always will be bugs. all known bugs i guess will be fixed soon anyway. the thing is sometimes it’s time to create something new instead doing a thousand little improvements of old.

well, I guess doing new things can be considered refreshing and doing bugfixes exhausting or something.

and zed, dont hold back with your ideas, just post them over and over again, like I do … to most suggestions people make there are other sides that other people become aware of.

Or you cant buy a new car stereo if your flasher sometimes flash to fast? :rolleyes:
I’m sure all known bugs will be fixed sooner or later.

It’s not possible to fix all bugs. I work with software too and the sad truth is that bugs are just part of software. It’s always a matter of how much effort to put in to stability and how much on new features.

In the example of cars there are a huge amount of people and time involved of the striving for 100% perfection, but some series still have to be done at service afterwards or have some “bugs” that showed up afterwards. Look at the Mercedes A Class that happened to tip over at extreme conditions. They had to remake the entire design.

You have a good point but to strive for 0 bugs is an utopia!

yeh, but the problem is that some of ideas needs to be discussed to get perfect, also developers should say when (approx.) that idea can be released.
anyway, i’ll cultivate my ideas to complete sense soon, and post it. so, don’t get scared of my fevered imagination.

then we should improve our bugtracking. I didnt knew those bugs that you’ve reported after the 1.2 release. Fixing known bugs has always prio 1 …

well, the bugs are all readable @ Bug Report Forum, but anyway, i putted together a list with the links for you to read.

[](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=ST&f=7&t=1193)
[](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=ST&f=7&t=1192)
[](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=ST&f=7&t=1141)
[](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=ST&f=7&t=1121)
[](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=ST&f=7&t=1074)
[](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=ST&f=7&t=1066) (the 2 last posts from me)
[](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=ST&f=6&t=1036)

  • the delay compensation feature for the plugins, that makes most plugins unusable atm.

Merry X-Mas and keep on good work! :)

IMO the only thing that needs serious improvement is the VSTi handling system. Ultimately we should be able to control any VSTi from any or as many tracker channels as we want and communicate with it on any MIDI channel we want. AFAIK there is only one tracker that does this (Psycle) but it doesn’t have the nice frontend that Renoise does. Regardless adding this would be ace.

Maybe in the long term Renoise could change to a VSTi-only format with an internal VST sampler included? There might not be any advantage to that, just thinking aloud right now :ph34r:

And what do you think you can demand from a software that costs €40? (and btw, most of the bugs you are reporting is available in the FREE version of renoise. and what can you demand from a free program ;))
I suggest you go out and buy Cubase SX for €800 and then you will probably sit down and write bug-reports all days long… ;)

And when you count lack of DirectX support as bug you realy have too high claims on renoise… ;)

I think Renoise works very well for the pitfully €40 I payed. Sure it has bugs, but what the heck, all software has, and when it comes to Renoise I know that the developers is listening to the users so the bugs will be fixed sooner or later. I’m sure known bugs have higher priority than new features but the known bugs shall not stop anyone from brainstorming about future features…

Very well said. It is time for some people to open their minds. If they are so conservative and afraid of changes I realy wonder how the music they make sounds like ;) Probably not very innovative and filled with lot of clichés :lol:

ah twilek, we both have 100% different opinions, i see that everytime again. look, i would have paid more for renoise if they would have wanted more. but just selling a software “cheap” and then say, he, its not our problem if you buy that cheap stuff you cant await you can do something with it, makes no sense. better stop developing this program then!

merry x-mas

now I wonder: who :huh: have ever said that? have you ever seen a developer more devoted to listening to users and fixing small problems than taktik? let’s stop this silly “discussion” now. keeping a continuous discussion of future features lets the ideas mature before they’re implemented (preventing even more bugs). this does not prevent bugs from being fixed in any way. big or small, nobody likes bugs… all known bugs will be fixed if it’s possible.

and merry christmas to you too :D

and I say the same thing as martinal. has anyone ever said that? I thought you would understand the undermeaning of my post but you obviously didn’t…
The renoise developer-team isn’t a very big team, the software isn’t supported with money from big publishers, that means that they do not have unlimited amount of developers, money and time. The cost of the software is just a reflection of this. Therefore you can’t demand that everything shall be fixed as fast as you open your mouth.
If I take a look at the cost of this software it is realy a small amount of money that you have to pay to get so much as you realy do. But to you it sounds like renoise is filled to the brim with bugs and that it is absolutly not worth the money you have payed (by saying the things as I quouted in my previous post)… If you think so I recommend you to do a studdy and buy a software (Cubase SX) that costs 20 times more than renoise and that still contains LOT of bugs ;) That only prove that the renoise-team does a hell of a good job!
I think the renoise-team work very well to please the users and I don’t doubt for a second that they fix most known bugs as fast as they can…
And as I said in my previous post, the bugs that the program has today shall not stop us from discussing new features for the future… so, as martinal said, please end this silly discussion and continue to discuss future featurs… ;)

i said it b4, i say it again.

  • Maintain fullscreen/windowed state between sessions. (I hate having
    to click the restore button every time I start up)
  • Right-clicking on a sample to pre-listen, left-click to load it as normal.
  • My track-storage method as I suggested in the pattern thread. I think
    this would satisfy the people who want buzz-like ability without pissing
    off people who seem to want to keep the tracker the way it is.
  • Loading .ogg and .mp3 samples would be great.
  • Instrument effects would be amazing.
  • VSTi to RNI “conversion” would be unbelievably useful.
  • Audio return so that you can send MIDI to a device and use your ASIO
    to bounce it back to a channel and put effects on it.
  • Modular track-effect routing would be amazing and would, coupled with
    the aforementioned track storage/pattern sequencing or something of
    the like, make Renoise the best audio app ever!
  • Ability to couple a track automation envelope with an effects colum, so
    that you can change one and have it affect the other accordingly.
  • Ability to render a block as a WAV (I want to be able to cut my song up
    so that I can perform it with Abelton Live)
  • Volume control between effects, like an input and output gain on each
    effect or something.
  • Beat-synced delay

atomly ::

I think that all sliders should be changed to use one standard numbering system. i find it odd that some sliders will go by 1 ie. 43,44,45 the others go by some wierd scheme, ie. 23.32,23.45, 23.94,24.32, so on and so forth. i know those numbers arn’t right but i think it gets the point accross. what i would like to see would be the sliders use two formats. ie. the sliders either go by 1, 01, 02, 03… and then all the other sliders (effects and what not) go by 0.25%, 02.25, 02.50, 02.75, etc etc. would make everything alot easier to match up.

also i find it really annoying when i’m editing the effects colum that the cursor moves down a row when i insert the first value. it should stay on the same the same row until the whole effect number is entered. i just hate having to click back up to finish inputing my effects.

either way i look forward to 1.25 i was going to register the day that 1.25 was going to be released so i’ll just wiat till then :)

oh one more thing. please please please, change the mouse control to the scheme that modplug used. it would make it alot easier to use renoise for live preformances. would make it alot easier to pick the effect colums that i want to change with my keyboard knobs. alot easier then hitting tab over and over again.

I totally agree that a “midi like” way of arranging, cutting, editing patterns would be a GREAT addition. It would make composing with tracker even faster.

The thing is, for now, the old-tracker style way of sequencing patterns is not visual enough (wysiwyg ? :). Maybe for now it would be enough to just be able to set a color for pattern numbers ? (see what I mean ?)
So it would be a way to visually get a fast idea of what part of your music you’re on (all the pattern numbers in GREEN are my break, the ones in BLUE are this cool moment with the piano etc…)

But otherwiswe, when Renoise developers have time, I definitely vote for the addtion of a cubase like part arranging method !

Someone said that Renoise could use 100 % of the good of both tracker and midi world. I think with the piano-roll being currently implemented,
Renoise is going even faster in that direction.

I can’t wait to fet my hands on the next version !

It has been suggested many times and has been voted by registered users on the WIP page.

The entire precision in Renoise is to be remade… look at the other threads for more info. Now automation works on lines, but it will work on ticks in the future which will be 256 ticks per line (if I remember right).

It has also been suggested before but I’m not sure what the developers think of this. I also agree… it would be nice to be able to enter values on the keyboard.