Braintwister - Extensive Search

Hiho :)

after a lot of testing i finaly finished something new :)

its just a simple drum&bass tune and i need some feedback about the bass sounds (as always lol) ive started to make my basses a bit more stereo and i think it works, what do you think ?

[Braintwister - Extensive Search]( - Extensive Search.mp3)



thanks lili, you are right with making the sound wider. that`s something i still have to learn :)

well, no joke. i have allways problems with my music, i often think its very bad, soundwise.
but i think that`s normal, otherwise there would be nothing to improve ;)

looks like i`m a little bit under-confident.

so, thanks again for your feedback

edit: what i mean is, that i have still to learn so much.

Forgive him. Kasmo always thinks his sounds are bad :) Pure understatement! He is just great, just as the music :)

thanks for the flowers marc :)

normaly ive stoped comparing my music with others, but from time to time i do it anyway. and this are the moments when i start to think my music/sound is not good. then i realize that i make music since 1 year, after a very very long break and therefor its very good :)
if i compare my old musics with my new ones then i see that ive improved so much the last month (you know some of my first renoise tunes). but then the whole thing starts again like a neverending loop, but hey, looks like thats me :D