Brand new Renoise user

Just here to say hi to everyone. I’m brand new to Renoise and have spent the past week or so figuring out how to use it. This program is simply the greatest Tracker I have ever used and wish I had tried it sooner!

It’s so easy it hurts. The VST support just rocks my world and the possibilities for my music is no infinite.

I gotta thank Renoise for bringing back my passion for music-making, which has suffered badly the past 3 or 4 years, due to me using other software trackers which are useless- namingly, MedSoundStudio. Why I ever wasted my time on that peice of junk is beyond me, but it’s all clear now and that’s left behind. (They even charge for that peice of software which is about as powerful as a tracker from 1995 - no effects, no VST, no nothing- just a plain sequencer and they want big money for it? ha!)

I hope to get to know a lot of users here and also, if anyone here has a spot for uploading music and stuff, please let me know so I can join in!!!



Renoise RULES


Hey, Rawbbie!!!

Welcome aboard B)

Nice to see you finally found the right tracker :D

About the upload thing, I don’t know how many songs you’re allowed to upload to THIS site, but still, i’ve uploaded maybe 9 songs and they keep letting me… and besides, it’s great, because there is no “we-have-to-check-the-song-first” period, which, on used to take like a week or two… so definitaly worth a shot :rolleyes:


I can just congratulate you ;)

That was exactly how I felt when I found renoise about 8 month ago… :)

I know what you are talking about. I’m a registrated Med user myself and it hasn’t happen anything with that tracker since I bought the PC-version many years ago. And the most awkward of it all is that they recently made a small update with, what I think, mainly bugfixes and now want extra money for it. I do not pay extra for bug-fixes. A tracker without VST/VSTi-support, DSP-effects, good automation etc. is nothing today. It is pretty sad, I was a very lojal user on the amiga-era but today I can only say bye bye to Med…

I tried to discuss this issue in the MED-forum awhile ago, I tried to tell people that MED has to get many new features before I will even consider to use it again, it has to be atleast better that all other trackers today and I refered to Renoise as the best tracker today. It just ended up in a mess where the admins of the forum censored my posts and removed everything I wrote about Renoise and then told me that in a couple of month Med would be the leading tracker again and I would feel sorry for ever considering using another tracker… sigh… In concealed terms it even felt that they threatened me ban me from the forum if I even mentioned Renoise again. And after such a treatment I will never return to that place again… I feel sorry for thouse Med-users that still isn’t enlightened about other good trackers in the scene, I can only hope they will find out on their own, that Med is doomed…

No need to feel sorry for the other med users, there aren’t many left- ever see their forum? Been up for many months now and there are less than 100 posts. Everyone just gave up on them and went elsewhere. Which is what I’ve now done- even when their second release of version 2 comes out (if ever) I won’t be buying it. Why pay for a program that has nothing compared to a superior program which has everything and is free? Let RBF live in their own closed room, they lost out long time ago- just a matter of time until they realize that their awful attitudes and pathetic customer service killed them.

It’s time for Renoise!