Brand New User

I have been using renoise for about a week now. I love it… really.

In any case, over the last week, i have created 3 tunes that are pretty much finished. There is always room for improvement and tweaking, but i feel pretty good about them. All three are in a different style.

  1. This one is peppy and fun. This one took me the least amount of time to create.

  2. This one is faster and noisier breakcore… a style that i had not done before, so its probably not really original, but i like it quite a bit. It gets pretty messy, I need to go through and clean it up a little.

  3. This one is quite experimental. It is probably my favorite of the three, but it isn’t quite long enough (imo) I plan to extend it a little.


coo tunes man
some of the melodies in the 1st seem to clash a bit
didn’t listen to the 2nd one yet
Really like the style of the 3rd one, cool drumming, but some high notes really annoy me

I liked the third one the most, if you continue that path, i think you will have best opportunities there to further design your own exclusive sound.
Breakcore is not my cup of tea, so cannot give you an honest opinion about the second one, the first song is a been there, done-that situation for me :)

Thank you both for your feedback! I am not too sure where i want to go with the stuff i am writing yet, but as I said, i do prefer the 3rd one, so I will most likely move in that direction.

Yeah… I know. Twas just an experiment getting to know the program. I think its fun anyway.

What music software were you using before?

These tunes, done in a week, hint that you have experience in computer music.

Good start. Keep going.

I have much experience in music in general… but actually don’t have too much experience in computer music.

I have used cubase a bit, but more to make mixes of orchestral stuff that i have written, not much like these.

I tried to make a few tunes, but was having a hard time… so i went searching for some tutorials or something, and ended up with renoise.

Hey, pretty cool music you have there. :D

It’s cool if a google search for “Cubase tutorials” returns Renoise. Although… Friend of mine needed to compose some stuff. Skilled musician, but not very good at computer music. He has been using cubase for few years for some smaller experiments, but he basically asked my help to demo him how to do this or that in cubase. So I thought, why not.

After he discovered that I start the reply to all of his questions with: “Well, I know how to do this in Renoise, but with cubase… Let me see”… Finally he had enough and said: “Well show me your Renoise”. And the rest is history, as they say – dude never looked back. :)

Usually not, it is always dreadfull to look back on the amount of money that got wasted on bulky software…

Hmmm…Very interesting as I am now a proud owner of Renoise but yet my posts disappear. If a admin felt that my post was not constructive enough It could have been said instead of just deleting my shit…

BTW Tunes are in fact pretty cool…Not my cup of tea but the first one sounds like im playing sonic the hedgehog. So it has a certain Nostalgia to it. pretty decent sounds keep it up…

Admins and moderators don’t remove messages without discussion unless the post looks like an obvious spam message.
I see 8 posts registered on your name and 8 posts appearing in the search forum.
None of them are in the trashcan.…mp;highlite=%2B

Can it be that your post was submitted somewhere where you did not expected it or your post wasn’t submitted at all…?

Maybe…Im sorry…Im an ass :)

Thanks for all the feedback everyone! :)

My search was more like, how do you achieve a certain effect or sound, and not really cubase related. I saw renoise mentioned a couple of times and decided to give it a shot.

danza: c64 lolz, I like the micromusic style, though this one didn’t do much for me.

ambean : what were you smoking? :slight_smile: Jean michelle jarre twiddling, with some occasional drums thrown in. The drums felt a bit out of place imo…

Definitely not bad for one week tracking, tracks sound fun and there is enough stuff happening.