Break - New Song

Hi guys

here’s the first track i finished for my new E.P. (the first release i’m creating entirely in Renoise).

My music is based on manipulated field recordings, samples and found sounds.

Any reviews appreciated, although I understand it may not be many of yous cup of tea :)


is this a song? :unsure: or some skit type of thing? cause if this is a song then i must admit that i dont quite understand it unfortunately, some experimental stuff?

if music was a language, this would be korean slang for me.
however i know some ppl would regard this as ambient and would be able to chill to it, but in order to become listenable for me, there’d have to be more audible events in here… to much repetition of a too minimal loop, that’d be my main criticism.

I’m open for experimental stuff so i’ll give it a go. The background voice thingie is to repetive for me, it repeats the whole song without filtering or variation. The fx stuff throughout the song has some atmosphere but while listening i had the feeling, hmm, shouldn’t there come more. There is no real increase of atmosphere, so the listener gets bored after hearing the first half of the song, maybe working with some granulizers or adding a more evolving drone would spice this song a bit.

You could checkout the following VSTs:

ProtoPlasm and STS - Space Transition Synthesizer from, there are limited free versions available.

KT Granulator from

Greets, Beatslaughter