This song has been written from scratch in just a few days. It really may be the fastest composed song I’ve made so far.

It’s simple, but fun. I’m quite pleased with the production quality. Musically, it’s pretty much the sweet dance standard with a 90s sound I somehow keep implementing into every track of mine.

I don’t really have much more to say about it than it was enjoyably simple to compose. I’ll do more I guess :)

Finished on a warm spring evening on March 23, 2012.

Oli! :) Man, you’ve really improved pretty much. I still remember your first steps on Nectarine. :D Congratz! Good work. Keep it up!

BA! Nice to see you here :) Thanks for the kind words. I remember those first steps very vividly as well, and thank you for all the help you provide(ed)!

I like this one. 90s aint that bad, even if I am more of an 80s man :)

Thanks for listening! I’m more 80s as well, I may post some of my 80s tracks here as well later :)