Breakbeat Fun/silly

I made this yesterday. I didn’t master at all; there a a few sections that really show that. The sound came out fairly uncharacteristic of my other work and want to know how people like it.

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Hah, I like that a lot even! Don’t care that much about 1:17 to 1:56, but as for the general idea: go for it!! It somehow made me think of the dancing robot in this :lol:

like the distorted pitchy lead, nice breakbeat…maybe an extra tramen underneath when the bass drops aaround 2.10 would be sweet.

thanky for the feedback :D

i like the title :) this is definitely something i’d listen to on my bike and end up wrecking horribly because i’m trying to go too fast and weave in and out of traffic :)

isn’t it time consuming writing really fast tracks like this? i know from experience :) love the synth bit at the one minute mark. and then when they drums come back in at 1:08… very effective. i like.

if you get a chance, check out my stuff too here

This is a lot of fun Mushen. See you on IRC