Breakbeat Soul Survivor

i know how that feels. i am attending a sound design school here in Canada, and it is SO frustrating being a student sometimes. there are so many things sonically that i want to experiment/research/do but just do not have enough time to do on top of school, schoolwork, and all those basic everyday life things.

Great sound, and well put-together. I agree with others about the clean/crisp production. Superb!

I also see what they’re saying about the guitar sample, but it seems to me like you’re using it as a “backbone” to keep things tied together…not that there’s anything wrong with that, in my opinion. Perhaps you could explore a hand-off to a different “backbone” sound as the song progresses? (I’m certainly not qualified to offer advice on these things, but I have recently been given some excellent guidance along similar lines by some great guys in these forums…) ;)


good work, jonas.
Really enjoying this track!