Breakcore/dnb I Am Digging Right Now

Some short clips.

I love this guys production:

Aaron Spectre - Alien vs. Rodigan

Aaron Spectre - Mordor

This one’s low bit rate in addition to being mixed with a lot of distortion which seems to work

PAWEL ZALEWSKI aka STROG - Cum in a Ragga Ass

PAWEL ZALEWSKI aka STROG - Infection Terrorist

Aaron Spectre a.k.a Drumcorps, just a tip. :)
Kind of metal/breakcore stuff.

Haha I have 2 of those mixes already, “anti-dancehall terror” and “soundmurderation”. Good stuff.
I will have to get the others.

Another mix that I like is

I’ve gotten them off of

I’ve found some good mixes there.

Fascinating cultural cross-pollination.

I’ve had issues with They will link to sets on any site or server they find without permission, and them along with a couple of others totally crippled my friends server, hence why I had to provide the link to my folder when listing my track in the songs section. Anyway, that’s a bit off topic there really…

Yeah liking a fair bit of the Aaron Spectre stuff recently. Just missed getting a copy of the Drumcorps rmx or die the other day when a friendly record shop got it in, which is a shame but never mind. Paul Blackout has recently had a couple of good releases out on Hardline Recordingz. Dark dnb rather than breakcore though. Really liking The Flashbulb - Binedump EP (which is the more dancefloor tunes of the Kirlian Sessions iirc) and a few other bits. Meathole was definately better than a few of Venetian Snares’ newer stuff. I actually bought a load of new records the other day and I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had a chance to do a mix with them :-/

Also like the bits of BotB I’ve been listening to recently. Really need to get around to downloading more of his stuff ;)

Venetian snares
Title: Breezeblock Mix (11.11.2003)

The beginning had me rolling on the floor. I remember this song on Sesame Street when I was a little kid!!! What a grand idea to mangle the shit out of it.

Anyone who is 30ish like me with memories of sesame street should listen to the beginning to bring back some memories. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 -10 - 11 - 12

Yeah classic track, it’s on the Infolepsy EP.

Something else to check out: Michael J Rocks - Geometricide on 1ManArmy Records.

Aaron Spectre is performing near my home tommorow (15 minutes walk) so i wil check it out :drummer:

by the way… i really like this set of his :)

He’s performing down the road from me in a couple of weeks in an old Lazer Quest building. Apparently you still get to shoot each other while enjoying the music at the club. Not been there myself though, gonna try and make it down for this night ;)

check my shit here if u want to

ah yeah that one is nice. i also like his mix at vioxx or however that spelt.

A lot of breakcore sets/mixes. Thx saskrotch

Just got back from Aaron Spectre show… dope :yeah: :drummer:

good thing i was using earplugs though :)

ok, now i need some sleep :)