Breakcore Documentary


It says I reached the limit! I’ve never even heard of that site before, let alone download from it. :)

thanks for the link ;)

No w leechin g. :)

Will wa thc later!


This site never works for me. Nor does MegaUpload.

Any chance of a direct link if anyone wants to host it for a bit? is a free way to host with direct links. Works good.

Well seeing as I didn’t make or post it, I don’t know if there are any other links :P

Yeah, but if you have downloaded it, maybe you could upload it to fileden so all of us living in far off places can get it!


Downloading it right now. Checking the legal stuff (copyright etc.) and then I would perhaps upload it to

URL will be published…

There it is.

Thanks for linking this.

Content wise…

Hmm. Interesting; Lots of this is substandard, but a lot of stuff that is cool as f****, like really cool.

Just like any scene I guess.

All good though.

…and Drop The Lime… hmm. I found his attitude a bit obtuse. I am sure he is a nice guy. I do like all this stuff, really. But i think it is fairly throw-away.

Seems like a lot of it gets away with minimal musician-ship by throwing the levels into red.

Different levels of white noise distortion is not musical… Actually… It might be… :)


too good! THX :yeah: