BreakPoint tunes

hey, as you may have noticed I’ve made it home :)

BreakPoint Demoparty was really a good one, though I must say that (my opinion) the most boring competitions were the music ones.

The organizers just took a bunch of techno songs, feeded with some famous names, and called it a “pre-selection”, but it’s quite normal in demoparties, unfortunately…

Very good results by ST[CC] and Cosmiq in tracking compo: they reached 4th and 5th place with their RNS modules!

Well, on with the URLs:

Boundaries, my OGG release, is sort of progressive rock / ambient song. Quiet strange stuff here; really hard to see something like this “pre-selected” for a demoparty compo. (and indeed it wasn’t selected :) )

First Contact, OGG and RNS version. This one should sound more familiar to your ears, being an Electronica song. I plan to make a longer version (party limitation bounded songs to 4 minutes of length) which will take place of this.


forgot to mention that I’ve also made music for a fast intro completely made during the Party.

The intro came 5th (out of 13! :P ), but I will release the music officially only when it will be somewhat hearable, as it was made in 20 minutes and it’s just noise at the moment :)