i know most people here don’t like these scene events for various reasons like feeling too old or too little geeky or whatever.
but still, it’s the last one for the last time.

so i am coming and some other renoisers will do as well, such as
Ptrance (ithink)

any more?

I wish I could :(
It would be great to spend my birthday there.

damn kieran… hope it’s not just because of stupid money that spoils us all the fun.
would’ve been too nice if could’ve made it… sweet memories of evoke are rising up :)
who knows how often we will have such an opportunity again, to meet in our aging lifes…

Me!!! :w00t:

Expect some renoise-tracked ‘noise’ by supersole in the executable music compo!! :drummer:

Wish I could go …


But I’m not too old (or to young) for demos. :(

I will be there from saturday to sunday.

If you see someone with a SceneSat-Radio ( shirt with an “Amok” logo on it, it will be probably me… :)

I’ll be there until the bitter end. After the bitter end, in fact - late flight back.

Sorry you can’t make it, Kieran - happy birthday, though. Fuck some shit up round Spital Tongues in celebration; I’ll raise a weakish, bowel-locking, German wheat beer to your health :)

Sole - how’s your singing? And your improvised desk-hitting percussion skills? Make sure you practice on the plane…

Hey, I thought it had been cancelled!! :huh:
Meaty told me he would send me an e-mail but I haven’t got anything (unless the spam filter decided meaty’s mail was super erhm… meaty & juicy and decided to keep it to itself).
Have been practising a bit on my guitar lately, maybe that counts for the rhythm keeping skills? :guitar:

I won’t be there unfortunately. I took part to 3 BP’s, but I’m having hard times these days (months).

Grim news indeed - no, it’s not cancelled! I’ve just sent meaty a text telling him to sort himself out :) Yay for rhythm-keeping skills; we’ll need them!

Guess there was no word from Kenny? :confused:

btw. I’ll bring the Jaegermeister this time. :)
And make sure you installed the ptrance-car-door-alarm and set it up to recognise me atleast up to 20m.

That’s exactly the reason, unfortunately. Really struggling at the moment. Things may change in the future, and we may get to hang out more often, but it’s a bit too early to say anything yet.

no… kenny is “dead” as it seems - at least communication-wise.
haven’t heard anything from him since a year or so. he didn’t reply to any of the mailing list stuff either. :(
i’ve also been talking to xerxes - the whole goat/brainstorm-posse seems to be unwilling to attend BP this (last) time anyway, they plan to show up at evoke though (not sure if i will/can).

and don’t worry, i learned my car-lesson: “do not park car closer than 2m to robust objects on co-driver side”. ;)
that particular car has been sold anyway and the buyer didn’t even notice any of the touch ups i did to the paint finish. so a 5 EUR paint-stick did the trick ;)

damnit… it wouldn’t help if you’d get in for free? you also wouldn’t have to worry about food + drinks as well. it would be my pleasure, srsly!
i’d really really love to have you with us again, kieran.
so if you got the lolly for a cheap flight, get your spontaneous ass into it ! :)

If only I had the money… sob

money is evil !

Any news?

Live from Breakpoint:

So watch the timetable.