Bridging works both ways!

I just wanted to point out a Renoise feature that baffled me once I discovered it. It might have slipped by some others of you as well.

I use the 64-bit version (Windows) meaning my tracks usually have some 64bit-plugins in them. I was working on a track and needed to use a 32-bit rewire device that was not registering in Renoise x64. I thought I was at a dead end. Would I need to replace all x64 plugins to be able to load the song into the 32-bit Renoise and then use my rewire device?

After starting the 32-bit version of Renoise i tried loading my song to see what would happen. I expected a lot of warnings.

It turns out the 32-bit version of Renoise bridges 64-bit plugins as well. I did not expect that feature to work both ways and wanted to share this happy discovery to anyone not knowing :)

Only when running on a 64-bit OS, but yes, this is indeed quite a useful feature :)