Brill stuff


I’ve come back to Renoise after a bit of a lull…I downloaded the latest one - well done - it looks so good…the colours in it are really nice - it looks so much more professional…it’s interesting how interface design can change your perception isn’t it…not that it was bad before…the orange and black is very nice…and the green metering very tasteful. A credit to the designers!

I also just listened to ‘Dblue Tension’ - what an awesome track. It’s really inspired me to get back into it and learn it…very impressive!

I’ve been mucking around with Octamed 4 as I found Renoise a bit overwhelming but in reality they are not that much different are they…so back I will go…

I must check out Dblue’s stuff…it would be good to have some charts for music …or you could like tracks when you hear them e.t.c


Yesterday I actually looked on YouTube to see if dblue had uploaded Tension, because I wanted to send it to a friend without rendering an MP3 (people are more likely to watch a YouTube link anyway), but no luck. Perhaps my search-fu is slightly fatigued, though.

I think it’d make a good addition to the Renoise channel, being an official demo song and all. :slight_smile: Just a video of Renoise playing the song would be sufficient – the uninitiated are impressed by such magic.

Yesterday I actually looked on YouTube to see if dblue had uploaded Tension (…)

I should probably get into the habit of making such videos and putting them on my personal channel. I would prefer to do something a little more interesting than simply watching the song play in Renoise, but perhaps it’s fine either way. As you say, people do often tend to respond with interest simply looking at Renoise’s interface whizzing along.

Nevertheless, the track can also be found on my SoundCloud.

Glad you guys are enjoying it! :slight_smile:

Ah I recognise you! Well your Avatar. You were very helpful to me once on the forums…it was a post about Rendering Samples to quite big sizes.

I will check out all your Soundcloud stuff. Nice one!

I love the Arpeggios in ‘Tension’ - it’s very laid back and a little bit glitchy/dubsteppy but more laid back…it’s given me lots of inspiration!

Welcome back, renoise is indeed looking sublime!

Well, to be fair… you can change the way Renoise looks to your liking. Colorwise, that is.

Just in time for Valentines day…that pink scheme is something else…maybe I might give it a try if I’m in the right mood