"Bring Back Before"

Out Now on Recession Recordings

“Bring Back Before” - A Compilation Album for Joplin, MO. Tornado Relief Charity.

2 weeks ago Joplin, Missouri was hit by a tornado that killed 142 people and destroyed most of the city.
Before And After: A Bird’s-Eye View Of Joplin
Before And After: Street Views In Joplin

Most of the artists on this album are from the area and have donated tracks to raise money for the charity. The album includes music from R. Stevie Moore, Dino Felipe, Shitbird, H.P. Sneakstep, Sir Vixx, Halluciphile, Professor Edit + a lot more… check out the entire track list here:


Peter Kirn from Create Digital Music has written an article about the Compilation…check it out!

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