Bristol (free) synths (for linux)

Hi everyone!
I just stumbled upon this (free) suite of synths.

Since i’m not on linux, can anyone give me an overview of how they sound/behave under Renoise/Ardour?
i’m excited, because the library of synths is huge + it’s free…

edit: ok i see now that some plugins are ‘not operable’ from the page (mixer), but looking at the homepage and the list looks so damn awesome:)


This video does a decent job showing off the DSP. The software dates back to the mid-2000’s, and it kind of shows its vintage now - very digital-sounding emulations, and a pixelized GUI. So, not super exciting - there are newer generation free/OSS analog emulations around that aren’t as broad but will make more authentic sounds, this list is a good summary of everything that’s out there, old and new.

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well, digging that list i’ve found ‘Bristol’ suite :slight_smile:
-and abot pixelized gui - i love that aspect - this one attracted me the most :smiley:

u-he suite will wait a bit, since it’s too expensive for a hobbyst