Broken Lullaby

Topic description basically says it all :D. So this is quite simple and sad little pianotune.


the only thing i noticed is that the “swishy sound” is cyclic so it creates a sort of rhythm which kind of threw me off… tried it to synch it to the music in my head, uknowhamsayin??? (=

Good track, I like the piano. It’s simple and efficient, the ambiance is sad, inspiring some rainy landscapes…

Maes : I’ve also heard the “swishy” sound with the same impression of a rythme!

Left a comment for you. Quite liked this one :)

Thanks for the comments. Its always nice to get feedback. The “swishy sound” is made by as a side effect by one fx. I liked it (some reason i like weird noises :) ), so i let it stay.