Broken VST Cache files - VSTs not found

I load up up renoise and then when it says reading plugin caches, some error thing pops up. i close that but it still loads up renoise. but then when i load up my song file, it says its missing vsts. i checked the vst pluginsfolder and the vsts are there, but it still says they are missing. what do i do to get the vsts to work?

What is the error message that pops up when Renoise is reading your plugin cache?

Perhaps the plugin database got corrupted somehow and Renoise can in that case for some reason not gather your plugin information nor fix the problem what is wrong with it.

In the “Help” menu there is a “Show preference folder” option, click that and the Renoise configuration folder opens up. In there you will find the CachesVSTs.db file.

You could try to temporary rename the CachedVsts.db file by adding a character to it and then let Renoise rescan the plugin’s VST folder.

I don’t see any errors poppin’ up, but I can say that initalizing VST’s takes it’s time on Vista.

i dont use vista, i have xp

when loading plugin caches, it says

Error Message: Database Error (File: ‘C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Renoise\V2.0.0\CachedFailedVSTs.db’): ‘near “S”: syntax error’ (Code:1)
Error Message: Please delete the database file if you get this error over and over again…

then when i click on the vsti i want on the list it says,

Warning Message: The audio plugin ‘’ does no longer exist. Please rescan for plugins to remove no longer existing plugins, and make sure that your plugin paths are correctly set.

Audio Plugins: Failed to open plug VST: Orchestral

and i know the plugin paths are correct so what do i do??

As vV already said above, the “CachedVsts.db” and “CachedFailedVSTs.db” files may be the cause.
So try to temporary rename these files (or move these files to somewhere), then Renoise will create the new CachedVsts.db files when you restart Renoise.

Then if the problem is solved, you may delete the old CachedVsts.db files.

Could you send the faulty CachedVSTs.db to Taktik (or just mail it to support at renoise dot com)? There might be some filename convention problem as well which should get fixed and prevent this problem from occuring again if that is the case.

Please do what the message told you. Trash the file “C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Renoise\V2.0.0\CachedFailedVSTs.db” and also the CachedVSTs.db to be sure everythings clean again, then restart Renoise. When plugins crash, anything can happen, anything can be damaged.

i delete the cache files but nothing changes. they just keep coming back and are zero kilobytes each. i tried renaming them but that does nothing as well. renoise keeps making more cache files.
ill send you the cache files.

Go to the “Preferences” -> “Plugs/Misc” tab on the bottom and click the “Rescan” option, the database should now be rebuild.
Renoise does not rescan the VST folders on startup unless you check the box that says “Scan for new plugins on startup”

ill try that and get back to this as soon as possible…