Bt Remix

This is my first submission to
To listen and vote :
Please vote! If not for me then do it for Renoise.

The XRNS can be found here :

You’ll need Renoise 2.7 beta 7 and the only plugin used was Tal’s reverb which can be found here:

The indaba site isn’t really doing a real great job… (your WAV isn’t playing not in Firefox neither in Internet explorer).
If you use plugins, be sure to use the VST plugin instead of the AU version (Windows users can’t use AU plugins :P).
I have inserted the VST variant on the tracks where the AU was placed but ofcourse, don’t know the settings so i attempted to guess them.

Good remix with some very “in your face” production values without relying on compressor overkill
You’ve got a very clear sound, which lends itself well to this type of music.

Now I haven’t heard the original track, so I don’t know how much has changed.

Oh good call on the vst’s. I’ll get that sorted out. As for the site… I’m not sure what the problem is because I’ve used IE and Firefox on Windows and Firefox on OSX and never had a problem. Is it a flash thing or maybe soundcard/browser issue?

Thanks man. Lately I’ve been rendering samples that need a compressor and then just ditching the compressor. Another little trick for rendering fat samples is expansion, especially on snares. Just use a signal-follower on a gain and reverse the min and max basically.

The original track can be found here :!/opportunities/bt-the-emergency-remix-contest

ok, should be all fixed for vst now :

This one works without nagging… Thx.
Also was wondering how an arpeggiated vocoder / talkbox effect would sound on vocals.
So i made some small test with the mda talkbox.
The effect is quite funny, i just wonder why i haven’t heard it much more often…

Ha, I can’t believe I’ve never tried that before. Great idea!