Bt'S Questionable Patent

I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this, but Brian Transeau has actually patented sample retriggering, a technique which has existed since the dawn of the sampler, under the name “The stutter edit”:

I can name about a dozen of the world’s most recognized electronic artists that were doing this long before this douchebag even thought of it… acts like Skinny Puppy, Autechre and Aphex Twin come to mind.

How come nobody’s challenged this patent? How come nobody’s sued BT?

I know I’ve brought up the topic of his claim before, but I had no idea he’d actually successfully patented it.

Yeah, I thought WTF the first time I saw the stutter edit plugin commercial. Patenting it is just beyond everything. :panic:

I just think he has enough arrogance and that seems to work in this world.

This is pretty crazy. The Wikipedia article even links to (because of dblue’s Glitch plugin).

I wonder if the patent somehow applies not to the editing technique itself, but rather the “stutter edit” software that he and izotope has co-developed? After all, you need a certain degree of “technical specificness” in order to get awarded a patent of this kind.

To me, software patents are pretty controversial. They are rarely used to protect an idea, but rather, used as an aggressive tactic towards competing companies. And rarely does someone come up with a truly unique idea in the realm of software - the idea of “stutter editing” is definitely not new, as you’ve pointed out. In recent years, I can only think of melodyne’s pitch-correction technology as something that has really broken new ground (a lot of people didn’t believe it was possible when it was first announced).

If he’s really patented the editing technique, and not just the stutter edit UI/workflow, that’s bullshit and needs to be challenged. Can’t have the Renoise devs wasting their time defending the 0Exy command.

it seems nowadays patenting is all the rage. first all that bullshit of some guy trying to patent ‘double click’ and ‘navigating through a environment through icons’ and stuff like that, then the Sony/LG PS3 debate, where PS3’s were prohibited from being shipped in Europe until a judge in my beloved land decided to put an end to that nonsense, and now this. seriously, why do people spend their time on this? ‘money’ can’t be the answer to each question, can it?

isn’t stuttering just a digital approach of what oldskool hip hop dj’s were doing with the crossfader on the mixer? fast stutter-like cutting of vocals and stuff, while “retriggering” the vinyl? and that was like early 80s… ;)

Yeah, its bullshit. IMHO, patents are pretty much one of many modes of operation that EVIL people do.

Additional semi related material

If you read the patent itself, the patent is a bit more specific than just retriggering. It has to do with saving a bunch of specific stuttering presets that you can then recall arbitrarily in real time via a software UI.

Though I will say that that seems to create a patent for a software application that called “The Finger” (the Reaktor ensemble), which existed before Stutter Edit.

Although now that I think about it, The Finger doesn’t actually have a UI for creating your own stutter gestures, you have to use the ones that come out of the box unless you know how to program Reaktor ensembles…

is there an actual patent somewhere?
if he does actually have a patent, then it’s very hopefull for us.
We can patent, sitting in front of computer:

with this diabolical plan we could sue everyone single person on the INTERNET!@

The URL to the patent was in the Wikipedia history (edited today?)

“Realtime editing and performance of digital audio tracks invention patent”

Seems like a joke or something…

The patent doesn’t really have anything to do with stutter edit? Stutter edit is just a paragraph describing an even more generic invention.

I don’t get it.

And for the academics, Barry Truax developed the first implementation of real-time granular synthesis in 1986.

Don’t want to be a dick, but “stutter” is a pop novelty based on deeper electroacoustic studies.

izotope marketing

When I first read the description aboveI thought “That’s pretty much Granular, he’s just using the name stutter as it (well glitch) seems to be the current “in thing” so people will click with the name.”

I can’t say the resulting plugin doesn’t look interesting:

… but duuuuude… fucking patents

K, well, watching this video… I’m really bloody impressed with what this plugin can do…

… but yah, STILL annoyed at the arrogance of “zomg I invented stuttering!”

he can , because he dies his hair !

BT invented the chiptune.

BT must be The Tuss, that’s pretty clear now.

Crazy patent aside, would I be right in saying this plug won’t work in Renoise as it needs midi input to trigger?

Just need to set up an instrument as a VST effect alias… I was messing with it all last night. It’s quite an amazing plugin. I wish I’d had it it when I did my live set earlier this month.